News in 3D Scanning, Photogrammetry, Inspection and Automation - November 2009

Capture 3D Metrology Solutions Quarterly Newsletter - November 2009

  1. ATOS Makes Reverse Engineering Fast and Easy
  2. Capture 3D 2010 Calendar Showcasing Aerospace and Space Exploration
  3. Client Spotlight: Ford Dearborn Tool & Die “Paperless Die Design and Development”
  4. Featured Client Testimonial: Pratt & Whitney
  5. Press Release: Capture 3D “Go Lean and Be Smart with 3D Metrology Techniques Workshop” tour has started!
  6. New Case Study: BMW Quality Assurance on Convertibles
  7. New Case Study: Offshore Wind Turbines Setup Using Mobile Optical Coordinate Measuring Technology
  8. Free Industry Specific Webinars to Further Improve your Quality Processes
  9. YouTube Video: Automated Robotic Scanning and Analysis
  10. List of Various 3D Metrology Presentations from our Previous Events
  11. Software Highlight: GOM software version 6.2 release
  12. Capture 3D Discounted Basic Training Courses
  13. Specials: Let us do the work and apply the amount towards your purchase!
  14. Upcoming Events Schedule

ATOS Makes Reverse Engineering Fast and Easy
Catherine Kim, Marketing Manager, Capture 3D, Inc.

Digitally capturing part dimensions and geometric features is an important process for companies in various industries. It is especially critical for those companies that produce tools/dies, because they want to capture the final production configuration after the iterative tryout process is complete. This process of capturing the final tool/die condition using 3D scanning is referred to as digital fingerprinting. This process is a valuable and time savings resource for replicating the tool/die due to rate requirements, wear, product enhancements, or tooling damage scenarios. This digital fingerprint gives the manufacturer a foundation for CAD creation or an avenue for duplication by directly machining from the scan data. By using an accurate 3D scanner, reverse engineering and rapid manufacturing techniques can save a great amount of time, costs, and eliminate unnecessary repetitive work.

A key contributor in making reverse engineering an easier task is quite basic, make sure you start with accurate, clean, and high resolution scan data. The first step is to utilize a scanning system that will capture your part’s smallest and most complex geometric features. This will greatly aide in minimizing time and potential guesswork associated with the downstream processing. Starting with “bad or poor” quality scan data is like trying to get to a final destination with cryptic directions. Sure, you might be able to make it because of your navigational skills, but it will definitely take some time, effort, and frustration. Our reverse engineering customers have told us, because of the ATOS fast and easy physical to digital workflow and scan data quality, they have a precise and accurate foundation that minimizes their CAD creation time.

ATOS is a non-contact white light 3D scanner with intelligent and automated software combined with advanced hardware technology. It utilizes the principles of optical triangulation and projects a shifting fringe pattern onto the surface of the part. Like a camera, the system views the object, snaps images, then accurately and automatically merges these images to create an STL/polygon mesh 3D model. Because of intelligent algorithms, the software processes the scan data with higher point density where critical feature exists such as holes, edges, radii, etc... This is a key attribute to downstream data processing because the more a part's features are defined in the scan data, the less manual time is required for creating a solid model.

For over a decade, Capture 3D has continued to aide companies’ profitability through process improvement solutions from the design stage all the way through manufacturing by implementing GOM ATOS and TRITOP 3D metrology systems. Capture 3D’s turnkey accurate and fast 3D scanning and inspection solutions come in various configurations to suit your working needs. Team up with our industry specialists and together we can help you reach your goals Industry specific workflows showing how 3D scanning can positively impact various processes are available. Click on any icon and send your request to me. If your industry is not listed, please do not hesitate to ask me. Let’s work together and start making improvements. Back to top



Capture 3D 2010 Calendar Showcasing Aerospace and Space Exploration

Time flies and so do our calendars!!! We will be shipping out our custom Capture 3D 2010 appointment calendars before Thanksgiving. Every year we design our very own calendar that showcases the amazing technology of aerospace and space exploration. I hope you enjoy these calendars as much as I loved designing them. Please send an email if you do not receive your calendars by the end of the year. Special thanks once again to our friends from NASA for the amazing photography. May your ATOS and TRITOP adventures take you to new heights in 2010! Back to top



Client Spotlight: Ford Dearborn Tool & Die “Paperless Die Design and Development”

Congratulations to Ford Dearborn Tool and Die for their success in optimizing their lean manufacturing and design. By investigating various technologies, Ford has been able to reduce their die-build time while increasing production with innovative tools. If you would also like to read Ford’s presentation from Capture 3D’s 2008 User Group Meeting, “White Light Scanning in Die Engineering and Die Construction,” please send us a request. Back to top



Client Testimonial: Pratt & Whitney

"We have spent a substantial amount of time effectively testing artifacts and comparing with traditional methods to build confidence in the entire process. We have certified the ATOS system for our inspection applications and have encouraged our suppliers to use them to improve their processes. Areas of success for Pratt & Whitney have included Turbine and Compressor Components, Primary Internal & External Component, Production Tooling, and Industrial Gas Turbine Components. With the Automation that Capture 3D has integrated, we have increased our scanning throughput significantly for production applications."

- Technical Manager, Advanced Manufacturing Metrology Back to top



Press Release: “Go Lean and Be Smart with 3D Metrology Techniques Workshop” tour has started!

Capture 3D has joined together with Trilion Quality Systems to present a series of 3D metrology workshops throughout the United States. Presentations from various industries focus on how optical 3D technology is being used to improve quality control, reverse engineering, CFD/FEA analysis, manufacturing, materials testing, and deformation analysis. The most recent workshop was co-hosted with University of Michigan on October 1, 2009 with over 60 attendees ranging from engineers to executive management.

Upcoming events include Kansas, Connecticut, California, and Texas. Contact for more information and don’t miss out on the tour!

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New Case Study: BMW Quality Assurance on Convertibles

TRITOP mobile optical 3D coordinate measuring technology is used for quality assurance on the production line in the BMW Regensburg plant. On the assembly line, the TRITOP photogrammetric solution enables flexible inspection to be carried out during the manufacturing process. Thus trends and deviations during production can be detected at an early stage. As result of using optical metrology, rework time and production costs are significantly reduced.

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New Case Study: Offshore Wind Turbines Setup Using Mobile Optical Coordinate Measuring Technology

The individual components of offshore wind turbines are often put together for the first time at the installation site on the high seas. The inspection of mating surfaces and mounting bolt hole patterns with the TRITOP CMM measuring system guarantees a smooth installation of the offshore wind turbines saving time and preventing high additional assembly/installation costs. Back to top


Free Industry Specific Webinars to Further Improve your Quality Processes

Catherine Kim at Capture 3D will be hosting a series of free webinar sessions specifically for the IGT/Propulsion and Plastics/Injection Mold industries. We will be covering various 3D measurement applications. Learn how to streamline your metrology, design process, reduce iterations, speed up your inspection with accurate results, measure critical features, analyze trends, and more... See how you can obtain fast and accurate results to make better educated decisions quicker, reduce costs, and improve your time to market. We will discuss how companies such as Alcoa Howmet Castings, Chicago Mold, Chromalloy, ETS Power Group, Fisher Price, Lego, Mann+Hummel, Motorola, Pratt & Whitney, and Visiocorp have experienced a positive impact with Capture 3D’s metrology solutions. There’s so much to learn from this one hour webinar so don’t miss out! Please join us and bring your questions! Reservations are limited. Please email with your preferred date and register.

  • Plastics and Injection Molding – 9:30AM PST: Nov 18, Dec 9, or Jan 20
  • IGT and Propulsion – 9:30AM PST: Nov 19, Dec 10, or Jan 21

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YouTube Video: Automated Robotic Scanning and Analysis

Check out our latest video displaying an automated ATOS III robotic configuration on a sliding rail scanning two automotive parts.

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List of Various 3D Metrology Presentations from our
Previous Events

We have a plethora of customer presentations available from our many local and international events that highlight their successes with ATOS and/or TRITOP. We have compiled a submission list on our website for you to send to us electronically. Topics range from quality control, reverse engineering, CFD/FEA analysis, rapid manufacturing, and more. Some of the clients include: Adidas, Airbus, BMW, Chrysler, Ford, Nokia, Sony, and many more.

Please go to this link to submit your request:

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Software Highlight: GOM ATOS and TRITOP Software
Version 6.2 Release

Version 6.2 introduces a number of enhancements and new exciting. These developments are based on experiences and feedback directly from the GOM user community.

Major highlight from the new version 6.2 software include:

Free CAD Import Tool (all software packages)
Extended CAD importer supporting all major CAD native and standard formats including:

* CATIA V4 (all versions)
* CATIA V5 (R12-R19)
* PRO/E (Wildfire 3 + 4)
* Unigraphics (NX5 + NX6)
* JT-Open (Teamcenter 2005, 2007, Version 8.1, 8.2 and 9.1)
* Parasolid.

The CAD import tool is available as standard in all software packages, at no extra cost.

In addition to the new CAD importer, v6.2 introduces the export of meshed-data to JT-Open (ATOS). JT-Open is an open CAD exchange format and supports both CAD and triangular mesh data. It can be used as a common interface between different CAD system, as well as an interface for triangular meshes.

Enhanced ATOS Touch Probe Add-on Functionality
The GOM Touch Probe is available as an Add-On to the ATOS 3D Digitizer, combining full-field and touch probe 3D measurement. Version 6.2 further enhances capabilities of the GOM Touch Probe, allowing the quick measurement and export of polygon lines, and the use of touch probes with angled heads. An angled touch probe enables fast measurements even in hard to access areas and improves usage and measurement of complex geometries.

Many complex metrology applications require the combination of full-field and point based 3D measurement. The GOM Touch Probe enables:

* Combination of full-field and touch probe 3D measurement
* Measurement in difficult to access areas
* Comparison directly to CAD
* Measurement of primitives
* Quick measurement of individual points
* Online alignment

GD&T module now available as default (ATOS + TRITOP)
GD&T describes the geometric requirements for parts and assemblies thus ensuring their intended form, fit and function. The GD&T module is now a free module in the ATOS and TRITOP version 6.2 software.

The GD&T module contains:
* A user-friendly and optimized workflow
* Efficient selection tools for creating fitting elements to analyze geometrical elements
* ISO 1101 and ASME Y14.5 standard tolerances
* Clearly arranged Datum Systems

Contact for any questions or feedback.

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Capture 3D Discounted Basic Training Courses

Increase your productivity, effectivity, and train additional personnel on your ATOS and/or TRITOP systems. For a limited time, Capture 3D is offering discounted basic training courses at each of our facilities - California, Washington, Texas, and Michigan. In order to maximize your learning experience classes will be limited in size. If you are interested, please contact your local Capture 3D facility for scheduling. Back to top

Specials: Let us do the work and apply the amount towards your purchase!

For a limited time, Capture 3D will apply a certain percentage of your service project towards a purchase of a system. For more information, please contact your local Capture 3D facility. Back to top

Upcoming Events

• March 20-23 Cast Expo, Orlando, FL
• April 20-22 MRO, Phoenix, AZ

Planning on attending one of these events? Contact to schedule a meeting onsite, or if you would like to bring us one of your parts please let us know. Back to top