News in 3D Scanning, Photogrammetry, Inspection and Automation - February 2010

Capture 3D Metrology Solutions Quarterly Newsletter - February 2010

  1. Start the New Year Right With White Light
  2. Press Release: Capture 3D Users Group Conference and 3D Metrology Workshop
  3. Application Spotlight: Direct Milling on Digitized Dies
  4. Customer Testimonial: Ford Motor Company
  5. Case Study: Casting Industry Benefits of ATOS Touch Probe Add-on Kit
  6. Case Study: Quality Assurance and Product Definition for the Power Generation Industry
  7. Free Webinars: Improving Quality Processes for the Plastics and IGT/Propulsion Industry
  8. YouTube Video: Live Turbine Blade Fast Scan and Inspection Analysis
  9. List of Various 3D Metrology Presentations from our Previous Events
  10. Product Release: Touch Probe Add-on Now Available for ATOS I-2M
  11. Specials: Let us do the work and apply the amount towards your purchase!
  12. Upcoming Events Schedule

Anyone who saves money in the wrong area in tough times is putting his competitiveness at risk over the long term. And I doubt that you can survive that way in the long run. During very strong competition, innovative technologies are more important than ever.

Frank-Peter Arndt, production chief, BMW
Automotive News, July 20, 2009


Start the New Year Right with White Light
Catherine Kim, Marketing Manager, Capture 3D, Inc.

We hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year.  Thank you for your continued friendship and support throughout the many years.  I receive a large number of responses and questions, and I appreciate the feedback.  Returning to our daily grind with 2009 behind us, we reflect on our resolutions for 2010.  I’d like to invite you to evaluate our metrology solutions to see how we can further enhance your engineering processes for 2010 through the use of white light technology.    

White light scanning is a very fast and accurate non-contact method of obtaining a digital 3D model of your part/assembly.  One of the key driving points to why customers choose this technology over others is simply because of its performance.   ATOS is a non-contact white light 3D scanner that is aerospace certified.  This means aerospace companies have tested the system to certify the accuracy of its measurements and inspection analysis to incorporate it into their processes.  ATOS utilizes two high resolution cameras and a projector.  By shooting a fringe pattern onto the part’s surface it automatically obtains data over a full volumetric field.  ATOS measures an entire area of the part’s surface rather than point-to-point measurements.  Since it uses white light technology the scan time is very fast.  With the ATOS III, a single measurement is taken in less than one second.  Compared to traditional measurement methods, ATOS is a complete technology upgrade that streamlines processes and minimizes overall time. 

Alongside the innovative technology, ATOS offers advanced inspection analysis features through 3D color maps.  As they say, “a picture is worth 1,000 words,” and it literally is.  By having a graphical visual you can instantly see where the part is in and out of tolerance.  You can rotate the part on any Windows/Linux screen and let the colors tell you what is happening.  In addition to color maps, traditional CMM type reports are also available.  Parts can be compared to CAD, 2D drawings, and part-to-part.  With these easy to read color maps, results can be shared amongst departments, suppliers, and customers with the free viewer.  This enables fast communication and decision making. 

Another benefit of ATOS is the ability to interchange measuring volumes on the fly to allow engineers to quickly adapt to their projects. There are two sub-advantages to this benefit.  First, engineers can scan various sized objects ranging from a tiny blade to a full-size aircraft with the same system.  Second, the interchanging of measuring volumes allows engineers to pick up even more feature detail on crucial areas.  Let’s stick with using an ATOS III as an example.  This system has 4 million points per scan and offers measuring volumes ranging from 1.2 inches3 to 6.5 feet3.   Regardless of what volume is used there is always 4 million points spread within the area.  Thus to pick up even greater detail (e.g. trailing and leading edges of a turbine blade) a smaller volume can be utilized for even finer resolution. 

In addition to these benefits, the overall hardware and software interface is easy to use.  There is no user fatigue because ATOS is an intelligent point and shoot scanning system.  Compared to hand-held arms or scanners, the engineer does not have to hold up the device at a certain distance.  Each ATOS measurement is automatically registered into the coordinate plane to build the model as you click and go.  There are various configurations available so engineers can quickly scan at the part’s location or even check it in as luggage. 

With all these inviting benefits, I’d like you to please contact me to setup a meeting and onsite demo. 

For over a decade, Capture 3D has continued to aide companies’ profitability through process improvement solutions from the design stage all the way through manufacturing by implementing GOM ATOS (3D scanner) and TRITOP (hand-held CMM) metrology systems.  Capture 3D’s turnkey accurate and fast 3D scanning and inspection solutions come in various configurations to suit your working needs.  Team up with our industry specialists and together we can help you reach your goals and make dramatic improvements. 

Industry specific packages are available.  Click on the icon below and send your request to me.  If your industry is not listed, please do not hesitate to ask me.  Let’s work together and start making improvements.  

• Automotive Applications
• Propulsion / IGT Processes
• Plastics and Injection Molding
• Casting & Forging
• Metalforming
• Automated Solutions
• Touch Probe Inspection Add-on

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Capture 3D Users Group Conference and 3D Metrology Workshop 2010  

Press Release: Users Group Conference and 3D Metrology Workshop

Capture 3D is excited to announce their 4th biannual Users Group Conference and 3D Metrology Workshop October 6-7, 2010 in Newport Beach, CA, with an optional welcome cocktail reception October 5th.  Capture 3D is continually supporting and helping companies reach their time to market goals by improving design and manufacturing processes through the use of non-contact optical 3D measuring technologies.  The goal of the conference is to provide you with tips, techniques, and solutions to improve internal processes, applications, and maximize your return on investment.  Topics will include 3D scanning, inspection, reverse engineering, and more…  The conference is open everyone, so please register today.  Come learn, interact, improve, and achieve your goals. 

The goal of the conference is to:

  • Learn how other companies are utilizing their ATOS and/or TRITOP system(s)
  • Learn 3D measurement techniques to improve your workflow and time to market
  • Listen to industry professionals and gain insight to help improve various applications
  • Hear upcoming developments and enhancements from Capture 3D and GOM (V7 highly anticipated software release, virtual automation capabilities, GD&T, touch probe inspection, and much more)
  • Receive technical advice/support from Capture 3D, GOM, and other users
  • Provide feedback on desired functionality and other areas of importance to you
  • Network with people in and out of our community who share similar responsibilities
  • Interact in our 3D Metrology Workroom
  • Speak with various software companies to further enhance your processes (2008 demo room: Catia, Geomagic, Innovmetric, Motoman, Rapidform, Tebis, and Trilion)

Past event speakers included:

  • 2008 - Design Intent Engineering, Pratt & Whitney, Sammer Technologies, Ronart Industries, Gentle Giant Studios, Ford Motor Company, Capstone Turbine, Scansite, and Trilion.
  • 2006 - Penske Technology, Alcoa Howmet Castings, Pridgeon & Clay, Honeywell, Advanced Simulations Technologies, and Trilion.
  • 2004 - Boeing, Triumph Engineering, Geomagic, Walt Disney Imagineering, Ford Motor Company, NASA Ames, Los Alamos National Labs, Viewpoint, Roush, Tebis, Bunkspeed, and Innovmetric.

For registration details please visit

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Direct Milling on Digitized Dies  

Application Spotlight: Direct Milling on Digitized Dies

Processing time on the milling machine is a major cost, making any time reduction desirable. Digitized blanks, tool path generation, and optimized cutting can reduce the time required for milling significantly. Read how ATOS and TRITOP optical metrology is utilized to reduce costs and time associated with the milling process. Learn how companies are directly milling off their scan data to further optimize processes.

Society of Manufacturing Engineersd Web News

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Testimonial from Ford Motor Company  

Customer Testimonial: Ford Motor Company

"Since our initial installation in 1998, Ford Motor Company has been a long time satisfied customer of Capture 3D.  We chose the ATOS and TRITOP systems for their speed, accuracy, and user-friendly work flow processes.  These solutions have improved our concept through manufacturing processes by reducing both time, costs, and improving product quality.  We’ve implemented Capture 3D solutions to digitize clay models, directly mill from scan data, inspect sheet metal, machined parts and tooling, and perform root cause and trend analysis. At times, our Capture 3D systems have run 3 shifts per day, 6 days a week.  We’ve received outstanding support from the Capture 3D team and over the last 11 years have utilized their systems upgrade program to capitalize on solution enhancements in an effective cost of ownership manner."

Manager Design Measurement, Ford Motor Company

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Touch Probe on Casted Part  

Case Study: Casting Industry Benefits of ATOS Touch Probe Add-on

The ATOS optical surface measuring system is widely used within the casting industry for full field surface analysis of sand cores, patterns and casted parts. The Touch Probe Kit is an add-on to the ATOS system. It offers the ideal combination of optical 3D freeform measurement and online tactile probing. Beside online alignment the Touch Probe system allows the smart measurement of optical hidden surfaces, live inspection of individual points with direct comparison to CAD as well as quick probing of primitives.

Read entire study here:

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Measure Throat Area  

Case Study: Quality Assurance and Product Definition for the Power Generation Industry

With the ability of ATOS to accurately measure airfoil contours, leading and trailing edges, root and tip geometry, it provides a more thorough inspection to identify deviations and problems in unexpected areas, trends in part shrinkage, airfoil twist and mold wear. With this newly available information, manufactures are able to reduce their inspection spending and speed up their development. In addition, the production can be controlled to maintain higher accuracy and parts have better quality.

Read entire study here:

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Free Webinars

Free Industry Specific Webinars to Further Improve your Quality Processes

Catherine Kim at Capture 3D will be hosting a series of free webinar sessions specifically for the IGT/Propulsion and Plastics/Injection Mold industries. We will be covering various 3D measurement applications. Learn how to streamline your metrology, design process, reduce iterations, speed up your inspection with accurate results, measure critical features, analyze trends, and more... See how you can obtain fast and accurate results to make better educated decisions quicker, reduce costs, and improve your time to market. We will discuss how companies such as Alcoa Howmet Castings, Chicago Mold, Chromalloy, ETS Power Group, Fisher Price, Lego, Mann+Hummel, Motorola, Pratt & Whitney, and Visiocorp have experienced a positive impact with Capture 3D’s metrology solutions. There’s so much to learn from this one hour webinar so don’t miss out! Please join us and bring your questions! Reservations are limited. Please email with your preferred date and register.

  • Plastics and Injection Molding – 9:30AM PST: March 10th
  • IGT and Propulsion – 9:30AM PST: March 17th

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YouTube Video: Live Turbine Blade Scan and Inspection Analysis

Please view our rapid real-time turbine blade scan and inspection analysis video.

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List of Various 3D Metrology Presentations from our
Previous Events

We have a plethora of customer presentations available from our many local and international events that highlight their successes with ATOS and/or TRITOP. We have compiled a submission list on our website for you to send to us electronically. Topics range from quality control, reverse engineering, CFD/FEA analysis, rapid manufacturing, and more. Some of the clients include: Adidas, Airbus, BMW, Chrysler, Ford, Nokia, Sony, and many more.

Please go to this link to submit your request:

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ATOS I-2M Touch Probe

Product Release: Touch Probe Add-on Now Available for ATOS I-2M

Further enhance your ATOS I-2M measuring and inspection capabilities with the ATOS Touch Probe Add-On Kit.  Measure and inspect difficult areas, holes, and hidden cavities with fully customizable touch probes. This versatile kit offers 5 standard sizes to measure small to large objects. There is no additional hardware necessary and this single system solution enables quick 3D scans, easy interchange between surface and single point measurement, and analysis with full color plot models. The adapters provide further possibilities for advanced online measurements. For more information, please email

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Special Discounts

Specials: Let us do the work and apply the amount towards your purchase!

For a limited time, Capture 3D will apply a certain percentage of your service project towards a purchase of a system. For more information, please contact your local Capture 3D facility.

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

  • March 20-23 Cast Expo, Orlando, FL
  • March 23-25 Westec, Los Angeles, CA
  • April 7-9 PMA Parts, San Diego, CA
  • April 20-22 MRO, Phoenix, AZ
  • April 28-29 Quality Expo South, Charlotte, NC

Planning on attending one of these events? Contact to schedule a meeting onsite, or if you would like to bring us one of your parts please let us know.

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