News in 3D Scanning, Photogrammetry, Inspection and Automation - June 2010

3D Measurement Solutions Quarterly Newsletter - June 2010

  1. How 3D Scanning Improves Quality Control Processes
  2. Press Release: Next Go Lean Tour June 24th at Wichita State University
  3. Press Release: Capture 3D Users Group Conference and 3D Metrology Workshop Less than 4 Months Away! 
  4. Customer Testimonial: Chicago Mold
  5. Project Spotlight: North American Eagle - Supersonic Land Speed Challenger
  6. Case Study: TRITOP Optical CMM Shortens Down-time in Shipbuilding Industry
  7. YouTube Video: Discovery Channel - How Centigon Uses ATOS to Produce Armored Vehicles
  8. Product News: Sneak Peak into V7
  9. Specials: Let us do the work and apply the amount towards your purchase
  10. Upcoming Events Schedule
  11. List of Various 3D Metrology Presentations from our Previous Events
Catherine Kim  

How 3D Scanning Can Improve Quality Control Processes
Catherine Kim, Marketing Manager, Capture 3D, Inc.

Companies are faced with the challenging task for manufacturing higher quality and innovative products at a rapid pace.  Product innovation is constantly reaching new heights of being faster, sleeker, multi-functional, and more affordable.  With tighter tolerances and a growing demand for faster manufacturing cycles, companies are looking for solutions that will minimize costs, eliminate wasteful processes, and improve their overall time to market by being more efficient.  To help accomplish these goals, companies have turned to advanced 3D measurement and analysis techniques.  3D scanning has become an important tool for quality control processes.  The more complete and accurate a part’s geometry is measured, the more knowledge is given to understand where to take corrective action.  The faster this information is given, the faster the decisions and modifications can be made. 

In simplest terms, 3D scanning measures the geometries of a physical part and brings it into the digital world.  The data output is typically a point-cloud represented in STL (stereolithography) file format.  This data is used throughout the design to manufacturing product life cycle for various applications: creating a CAD model, inspection analysis, reverse engineering, CFD/FEA analysis, rapid prototyping, and more.  In the previous newsletter we discussed reverse engineering, and today we will cover the quality control/inspection aspect. 

ATOS is a white light non-contact 3D scanner with advanced hardware, intelligent software, and optional inspection module.  ATOS takes various volumetric scans, 360 degrees of a part, to create an accurate 3D model; whereas, hand-held tools, CMMs, lasers, and articulating arms measure in points or lines.  The setup time is minimal and provides an enhanced easy to navigate graphical user interface (GUI).  It can measure a variety of objects ranging from a tooth to a full-size aircraft.  Due to the intelligent merging algorithms and advanced integration, there are no “leap-frogging” errors.  Each scan is automatically aligned and processed through the software eliminating inaccuracy.  There is also a customizable Touch Probe add-on to measure point-to-point within hidden cavities and features.  

Having a robust inspection process to improve quality control is critical in today’s environment.  With accurate scanning and inspection analysis, companies can quickly make time crucial decisions without slowing down their time to market goals.  The ATOS inspection module is a powerful evaluation tool which allows users to quickly inspect to CAD, 2D drawings, and/or multiple parts with GD&T analysis.  The software also features optimized workflows dedicated to specific industries, such as, sheet metal, castings (small and large), turbine blades, injection molding, clay design, and more.  It offers traditional CMM-type reports and full 3D color maps, so users can instantly see where the part is in and out of tolerance.  This analysis can be shared throughout the company, with vendors and/or customers, by simply using the free viewer.  This promotes efficient communication throughout various channels within an organization. 

ATOS Inspection Analysis of Sheet Metal Trunk Lid 

In order for companies to become efficient, they must research effective methodologies.  Today we have briefly covered some of the added benefits of the ATOS Inspection module to optimize quality control processes.  For over a decade, Capture 3D has worked with companies in benchmarking the ATOS technology on their parts, within their environment, for real-time results.  We pride ourselves with the ability to deliver data the same day we measure parts, so you feel confident there are no smoke and mirrors.  With over 3,000 installations worldwide, let us demonstrate our value-add and how you can save time and money.  For more information, and to learn about all of the ATOS inspection features, please contact

ATOS Inspection Key Benefits

  • Fast scanning and inspection analysis
  • Parametric inspections
  • CAD importer
  • I-inspect program
  • Extensive reporting
  • Traceability through the software’s history tree
  • Intelligent teaching by doing
  • Virtual measuring room for automated measurements
  • Measurement planning
  • Free ATOS viewer

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Go Lean 3D Measurement Workshop Tour  

Press Release: Next Go Lean Tour June 24th at Wichita State University

Capture 3D in conjunction with NIAR (National Institute for Aviation Research), Trilion, and Rapidform are excited to announce their next stop at Wichita State University.  Spend a day and learn how to optimize processes, save time, cut costs, and work more efficiently through the use of 3D measurement tools and techniques. Bring your part for a complimentary 3D scanning analysis for real-time results. Gain insight on how other companies are utilizing optical metrology throughout their entire product life cycle, and network with other industry professionals. This conference is geared for engineers, management, and executives. For registration and upcoming workshops, please visit

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Capture 3D Users Group Conference and 3D Metrology Workshop 2010  

Press Release: Capture 3D Users Group Conference and 3D Metrology Workshop Less than 4 Months Away! 

Capture 3D is excited to announce their 4th biannual Users Group Conference and 3D Metrology Workshop October 5-7, 2010 at the Hyatt Newport Beach hotel in California.  Topics will include 3D scanning, inspection, reverse engineering, and more…  The conference is open everyone, so please register today.  Come learn, interact, improve, and achieve your goals.  For registration details please visit

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Chicago Mold Testimonial  

Customer Testimonial: Chicago Mold

"In our benchmarking process, we looked at various technologies, such as laser and white light scanners, we found that the ATOS was the only system that could achieve the accuracy and data quality we required.  Our primary applications are inspection and reverse engineering of tooling.  It takes us 2 hours to measure and inspect electrodes to parabola tools with ATOS.  Previously with our CMM, it took 50 hours to measure each electrode, including setup and programming time.  Instead of receiving a 20-30 page CMM report, we now receive instant inspection color plot results that are more easily understood and reduces the amount of time it takes to make required changes.  Once the electrode is burned into the tool, it takes us ½ an hour to scan and inspect.  With the CMM it took us 20 hours.  We also use the ATOS system for reverse engineering of tools that are either broken, worn, and/or have no CAD data.  Because of the accuracy of the scanner, we are able to mill directly from the scan data eliminating the need to create a CAD model.  We are continuously impressed with the reliability of the ATOS system and since its acquisition in 2005 it has never failed us.”

Production Manager
Chicago Mold

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CFD Analysis on North American Eagle  

Spotlight: North American Eagle - Supersonic Land Speed Challenger

June 4, 2010 – Micah Carter, Capture 3D Applications Engineer, completed the scanning and digitizing of the 55’ North American Eagle to provide data for CFD analysis.  Their goal is to break the existing record of 763 mph (1,228 km/h) by reaching 800 mph (1,287 km/h).  It took Micah less than 1.5 days for the measuring and data processing.  For more information, please visit  *Please notate the article correction- Approximately 250 photogrammetry shots, and not 1,000.

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TRITOP Shipbuilding Case Study  

Case Study: TRITOP Optical CMM Shortens Down-time in Shipbuilding Industry

The successful, safe and economic construction and maintenance of ships today, requires an intelligent combination of knowledge, experience and craftsmanship. The integration of high-end CAD-Programs and Optical Measurement Systems enhances precision and cost efficiency within the shipbuilding industry. The digital measurement system TRITOP CMM enables rapid manufacturing of spare parts with modern CAD/CAM systems and CNC machines. The down-time of ships in dry-docks is reduced from months to days. Optical 3D-Metrology increases efficiency and precision of repair and reconstruction within the shipbuilding industry. Download the entire paper here

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YouTube Video: Discovery Channel - How Centigon Uses ATOS to Produce Armored Vehicles

The Carat Security Group was formed in February, 2008 as the world's two premier mobile armor manufacturers, Carat Duchatelet and Centigon, combined to form the world's largest commercial armored vehicle provider, operating eight factories worldwide, serving every continent.  Check out their Discovery Channel episode and watch how they utilize ATOS

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Software V7 Sneak Peak

ATOS I-inspect Screenshot

V7 Virtual Measuring Room Screenshot


Product News: Sneak Peak into V7

Capture 3D is excited to announce the upcoming GOM V7 software release!  Here is a sneak peak at what’s to come:

  • Even faster scanning
  • One touch inspections
  • Optimized GUI workflow to simplify user experience
  • Guided teaching and optimized workflows for industry specific applications
  • Project scan monitoring and history tree
  • Target-less scanning with rapid automatic scan to scan registration based on part geometry
  • Enhanced shinny surface scanning
  • Virtual Measuring Room (VMR)
    • Simulate robotics and automated scanning operations with automatic inspection validation to CAD or measurement plan before scanning. Incorporates benefits of offline programming  and synch virtual-to-real and real-to-virtual
    • Build your measuring room/environment and automate scanning path
    • Collision detection

…and much more to follow!

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Capture 3D Specials  

Specials: Let us do the work and apply the amount towards your purchase!

For a limited time, Capture 3D will apply a certain percentage of your service project towards a purchase of a system. For more information, please contact

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Upcoming Events  

Upcoming Events Schedule

  • June 24 Go Lean Workshop, Wichita, KS
  • July 12-16 CMSC, Booth 501-502, Reno, NV
  • September 13-18 IMTS, Booth E-5250, Chicago, IL
  • October 5-7 Capture 3D Users Group Conference & 3D Metrology Workshop, Newport Beach, CA

Planning on attending one of these events? Contact to schedule a meeting onsite, or if you would like to bring us one of your parts please let us know.

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List of Various 3D Metrology Presentations from our
Previous Events

We have a plethora of customer presentations available from our many local and international events that highlight their successes with ATOS and/or TRITOP. We have compiled a submission list on our website for you to send to us electronically. Topics range from quality control, reverse engineering, CFD/FEA analysis, rapid manufacturing, and more. Some of the clients include: Adidas, Airbus, BMW, Chrysler, Ford, Nokia, Sony, and many more.

Please go to this link to submit your request:

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