News in 3D Scanning, Photogrammetry, Inspection and Automation - November 2012
Capture 3D Newsletter: 3D Metrology - A faster way to quantify and make decisions

3D Metrology Newsletter- A faster way to quantify and make decisions - November 2012

  1. Survival of the Smartest Metrologist
  2. Quality Digest: Forget Expos; User Conferences Are More Valuable - Tossing the sales pitch for the brass tacks
  3. Capture 3D Measurement Innovation & GOM Conference 2012 Presentations
  4. Alcoa Howmet Castings Commentary
  5. Latest Software Release: V7.5 SR1
  6. Capture 3D Training Courses
  7. Video: ATOS ScanBox Turbine Blade Automation
  8. Video: ATOS Tracking Functionality
  9. Video: Reverse Projection With ATOS
  10. ATOS system for as low as $1,720 per month*
  11. Request for Your Free 2013 Capture 3D Calendars


Catherine Kim  

Survival of the Smartest Metrologist
Catherine Kim, Marketing Manager, Capture 3D, Inc.

Since the beginning of time, measurement has helped shape the world we live in today.  Dating back to the caveman era, primitive measurement tools were used to make essential objects needed for survival.  Clubs, spears, and knives, each had a calculated dimensional shape to serve its purpose effectively.  As the world progressed and became more complex, so did our measurement needs.  3D measurement plays a tremendous role in product design, manufacturing, production, and maintenance.  It helps us decipher what the naked eye cannot and allows us to monitor trends to predict future issues.  Like a maestro who conducts a symphony making sure everything is in tune, measurement is the process that validates the parts, and the parts that create the parts, to ensure all are within tolerance and meet design intent.

One of the keys to any type of survival is adaptation.  It is built into our framework to create, build, and improve in order to achieve a better quality of living.  With over 7 billion people on this planet, the requirement to produce newer, better, and stronger products at potentially higher quantities while cutting costs and waste are now the operating norm. The way we adapt to meet these demands will determine if we succeed.  It’s important to understand external factors, have a vision for your internal future, and to study your competition.   In today’s world, companies will not survive on status quo methods. 

Another key component to survival is being prepared by having the right tools.  Structured light scanning technology has evolved over the past 10 years. Significant improvements have taken place in software integration, faster measuring times, higher accuracy, more detailed resolution and better performance on shinny surfaces.  Metrologists are realizing that it’s not just the mega pixel camera size that matters.  It’s the time tested combination of engineering high quality optics, resolution, system architecture, stability, and more than ever, integrated intelligent software to orchestrate a revolutionary 3D scanning machine.  The world of 3D data capture is literally at the speed of light.  Once daunting measurement tasks that took days to scan and inspect are now taking hours.  Those cumbersome and difficult to interrogate spreadsheet type inspection reports can be complimented with quick 3D color maps. Engineers can now interact virtually in three-dimensions to see what is truly happening and make informed decisions faster. Therefore, time is more effectively spent on addressing the problems rather than trying to figure out what the problem is.  Thus, having finding right tools in your tool kit are crucial for survival. 

Lastly, have a plan, don’t over complicate things and commit to its execution.  Identify your goals, success criteria, and required output. Look to optimize processes (where it makes sense), and strive to improve by working not necessarily harder, but smarter.  Although this article may not help you survive the end of the world, hopefully, it will give you something to think about as we enter the New Year.

Trivia Question:Do you know who said the quote below? Check the bottom of this newsletter for the answer!

“Weights and measures may be ranked among the necessaries of life to every individual of human society. They enter into the economical arrangements and daily concerns of every family. They are necessary to every occupation of human industry; to the distribution and security of every species of property; to every transaction of trade and commerce; to the labors of the husbandman; to the ingenuity of the artificer; to the studies of the philosopher; to the researches of the antiquarian; to the navigation of the mariner, and the marches of the soldier; to all the exchanges of peace, and all the operations of war. The knowledge of them, as in established use, is among the first elements of education, and is often learned by those who learn nothing else, not even to read and write. This knowledge is riveted in the memory by the habitual application of it to the employments of men throughout life.”

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Chrysler Head of Quality Interview Video

Mann Hummel Senior CMM Programmer Interview Video


Quality Digest: Forget Expos; User Conferences Are More Valuable - Tossing the sales pitch for the brass tacks

“I recently attended the Measurement Innovation conference, a technology conference/user-group meeting for Capture 3D close to its headquarters in Costa Mesa, California. If you have never been to a company-hosted technology event, this one is a perfect example of their value to prospective buyers. When you have attendees and presenters from Boeing, Nissan, Volkswagen, Chrysler, and NASA giving case studies, as was the case at this event, you have gone way beyond your typical sales pitch and its strategically placed name dropping, and into the meatier realm of existing customers giving you the real benefits of a product line.” 

Included are two video interviews with Chrysler Head of Quality discussing how Capture 3D solutions are being used from design, product development, stamping, die construction, manufacturing, to production. Also Mann+Hummel Senior CMM Programmer discusses due to the ROI and fast dimensional inspection results from their first ATOS system, they purchased an additional ATOS Triple Scan automated motion control system (MCXL). After 7 months, they have saved over $200K and increased throughput by 300%.

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AC Tech









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North American Eagle

Pratt & Whitney

Rolls Royce



Shape Fidelity




Capture 3D Measurement Innovation & GOM Conference 2012 Presentations

We would like to again thank our keynote and guest speakers for sharing their accomplishing stories on how their companies are leading the innovative path for improving processes with Capture 3D and GOM solutions.  We appreciate the efforts from Chrysler, Nissan, and North American Eagle engineering teams for bringing displays and vehicles helping make our event truly memorable.  The public presentations from Capture 3D Measurement Innovation 2012 and the GOM Optical Metrology 2012 are listed below and can be accessed at Please contact for the password. 

Capture 3D Measurement Innovation 2012- North America

  • Alcoa Howmet Castings (Not Available)-  ATOS Gage R&R Study of Investment-Cast Turbine Components for the Propulsion and IGT Industries
  • Boeing (Public)- Solving Production Risks with Optical Metrology for Aircraft Modifications
  • Capture 3D (Public)- Improving and Optimizing Processes with Automation
  • Capture 3D (Public)- Measurement Innovation in Today's World for the Growing Future
  • Chrysler Design (Not Available)- Product Development Through Digital Design
  • Chrysler Tech Center- (Public) 3D Scanning and Inspection for Die Construction
  • GOM (Public)- 3D Metrology Technical Developments
  • Mann+Hummel (Public)- Improving Throughput & Productivity with Automation and the Virtual Measuring Room
  • Motorola (Public)- New Directions in CAV Analysis to Improve the RP Process-The Search for the Golden Part
  • NASA (Public)- Space Shuttle: Thirty Years of Flight, Thirty Years of Lessons Learned
  • Nissan (Not Available)- Frugal Innovation: Nissan’s cost-effective solution to attain top-level BIW quality
  • North American Eagle (Public)- Attempting to Break the Land Speed Record Utilizing Photogrammetry & 3D Scanning for Crucial CFD Analysis
  • Pratt & Whitney (Not Available)- Rapid Deployment & Other Interesting Things
  • Shape Fidelity (Not Available)- Resurrecting the F-1 – 3D Scanning to Digitally Capture the Saturn V Main Engine
  • Trilion (Public)- Optical Full-Field 3D Deformation & Material Testing Analysis

GOM Optical Metrology Digitizing Conference 2012- Global

  • ACTech, Germany (Public)- Optical measuring systems in the rapid prototyping process for castings
  • Airbus, France (Public)- Automated corner fitting inspection on Airbus A350
  • Braun, Germany (Public)- 3D Metrology on plastic parts
  • Fraunhofer IWU Dresden, Germany (Public)- Application of optical metrology for analysis during the car body process chain
  • Gedia, Germany (Public)- Strategic implementation of optical metrology at Tier-One automotive supplier
  • GOM, Germany (Available in Capture 3D Conference)- Closing
  • GOM, Germany (Available in Capture 3D Conference)- GOM Inspect Professional & GOM Inspect
  • GOM, Germany (Available in Capture 3D Conference)- Keynote
  • GOM, Germany (Available in Capture 3D Conference)- Inspection tools for blade and blisk analysis
  • GOM, Germany (Available in Capture 3D Conference)- Standards in automated inspection
  • GOM, Germany (Available in Capture 3D Conference)- Tracking with ATOS
  • GOM, Germany (Available in Capture 3D Conference)- TRITOP Professional for inspection and deformation analysis
  • NASA, USA (Available in Capture 3D Conference)- Optical metrology techniques in support of the space shuttle Columbia accident investigation
  • Opel, Germany (Public)- Automated inspection - standardized scanning cell in Opel/Vauxhall bodyshops
  • Rolls Royce, United Kingdom (Not Available)- Advanced quality control on blades and blisks including gauge R&R
  • Samsung, Korea (Public)- Optimizing production processes of electronic products using ATOS, PONTOS, ARAMIS and ARGUS
  • Snecma, France (Public)- Digital inspection workflow with CAD based FTA integration
  • VW Wolfsburg, Germany (Not Available)- Policies and procedures for the implementation of optical measurement technology at Volkswagen AG

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Alcoa Howmet Castings Commentary

"After an extensive evaluation of competitive systems, we have implemented over a dozen ATOS Scanning systems at 9 of our manufacturing sites.  We chose the ATOS systems based on accuracy, repeatability, speed and the support we received from Capture 3D.  A conventional inspection of 500 items including 8 sections and setup would typically take 65 hours.  We've been able to reduce that inspection time to under an hour and provide more detail in the process.  Typical measurement of 'Trip Strips' has been reduced from 45 hours to 8 hours.  Some of our key applications for ATOS have been 1st Article Inspection, In-Process Verifications, Core Inspections and Coating Evaluations."

Engineering Support Manager
Alcoa Howmet Castings

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Power Generation Inspection


Curve Based Inspection




Latest Software Release: V7.5 SR1

The latest GOM software release V7.5 SR1 contains new and exciting developments to further advance 3D measurement and inspection analysis.  Read the entire list of software enhancements and download V7.5 SR1 at  Here are some of the newest features-

  • Power Generation Inspection- Added functionality for advanced parametric dimensional analysis of turbine blades, turbine wheels, and blisks.  Complete process mapping from the initial measurement to full evaluation and creation of the measurement report.  For example, on 2D sections such as determining the profile mean line, the profile centroid or the profile twist, as well as numerous new analysis options.
  • Tracking and Reverse Projection- ATOS is a stereo camera system and uses GOM's proven dynamic referencing for maximum precision. In addition to the 3D scanning application, the new tracking work area offers various online tracking options. For example, components can be aligned to their target position and thus enable online positioning within an assembly. Additionally, tools can be positioned within specified tolerances and individual elements projected/marked on the real physical components.
  • Curve Based Inspection- V7.5 SR1 software now closes the gap between point-based and full-field inspections. Full-field digitized data is used to apply new construction functions for curves and to visualize individual features. This gives detailed information with simple representation. Simplified derivation of point-based evaluations is now also possible. The software makes it extremely easy to implement various evaluation functions such as flush and gap analysis, spring-back analysis, inspection of form and character lines, radius analysis and evaluation of hemmed edges.
  • Virtual Measuring Room (VMR)- Simpler standardized workflows help achieve a faster VMR with a single button for complex measurement cell programming. This means greater reliability and time savings.  Thanks to the new I-Teach tool, access to key functions such as the Teach commands, robot configurations or movements is now easy. In addition, the software offers new application functions for processing multiple measurement positions. The mirror, duplicate and transform functions can be used to accelerate the process to optimize performance.
  • TRITOP- Deformation analysis has been fully integrated in the new software release. The new TRITOP enhancements make it possible to perform climate change tests as well as structure tests, and much more. Other useful functions include measuring and visualizing deformations, phase management and trend analysis as well as alignment and rigid body motion compensation.

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Training Courses


Capture 3D Training Courses

We are excited to launch a new series of training courses.  The upcoming schedule will be published shortly.  If you are interested, please email  There are 4 courses to choose from-

Duration: 1 Day
Understanding the GUI, menus, workplaces and interactive help features.  By the end of this day you will have learned how to properly scan and process projects.

  • ATOS Scanner Setup and Calibration
  • Data Collection Techniques &  Measurement Strategies (Shiny Part, Side A, Side B Project Transformation, Rough Surfaces & Other Data Collection Challenges)
  • Measuring Without Reference Points
  • Project Parameters
  • Processing Parameters
  • Project Templates
  • Mesh Editing (Thinning, Smoothing, Hole Closing & other Mesh Editing Tools)
  • Utilizing GOM Touch Probe with ATOS

Duration: 2 Days
Complete inspection plan creation and reporting in ATOS/GOM Inspect Pro.

  • Workflow for Inspection and Reporting
  • Traceability, Element Dependencies, and Adding Measuring Data
  • Curve Based Inspection Creation of Nominal Curves (Spring and Trim & Flush and Gap)
  • Mirroring inspection plans
  • Alignment methods including the new Align by Geometric Element
  • Theoretical Edge Point
  • Copy & Paste - Measurement series
  • Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) Inspection Functionality in Software & Multiple Datums
  • Creation and Export Reports
  • Material Thickness - I-Inspect
  • Trend Analysis
  • ATOS Tracking
  • Tagging
  • Reverse Projection

Duration: ½ Day
Inspecting and advanced analysis of blades, turbine wheels, blisks, etc… within ATOS/GROM Inspect Pro.

  • Blade Module
  • Section Alignments with Tolerance
  • Cylinder Sections
  • Reporting

Duration: ½ Day
Inspecting and advanced analysis of sheet metal parts and components within ATOS/GROM Inspect Pro.

  • Sheet Metal Inspection Plan Creation.
  • Trend with Grey Value
  • Grey Value Data Exporting
  • Reporting

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Video: ATOS ScanBox Turbine Blade Automation  

Video: ATOS ScanBox Turbine Blade Automation

View the ATOS ScanBox 3D scanning and inspecting a turbine blade-

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Video: ATOS Tracking Functionality


Video: ATOS Tracking Functionality

View the new ATOS Tracking functionality in this video-

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Video: Reverse Projection


Video: Reverse Projection With ATOS

View the new Reverse Projection functionality in this video-

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ATOS Triple Scan  

ATOS system for as low as $1,720 per month*

Capture 3D works with various financing companies to offer flexible payment options for our customers.  Contact us today to learn more about our lease options.  *Subject to credit approval.   

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2013 Calendar Request  

Request for Your Free 2013 Capture 3D Calendars

Our yearly space exploration and technology calendars will be shipping out early December.  If you would like a copy, please email with your name, address, and quantity.

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