News in 3D Scanning, Photogrammetry, Inspection and Automation - May 2013
Capture 3D Newsletter: 3D Metrology - A faster way to quantify and make decisions

3D Metrology Newsletter- A faster way to quantify and make decisions - May 2013

  1. A Stroll Down Memory Lane
  2. Fisher Price Commentary
  3. NASA brings the monstrous F-1 "moon rocket" engine back to life using ATOS
  4. GM, Mann+Hummel, and partners engineer composites for this complex assembly with an strong accent on repeatability with help from ATOS
  5. Northwest Expansion in Washington
  6. New ATOS Triple Scan 12M Redefines High Definition
  7. New ATOS Plus (Add-on): Automating Integrated Photogrammetry for Product Inspection Applications
  8. New ATOS ScanBox 6130: Ground-breaking Automation for Large and/or Heavy Parts
  9. Video: ATOS ScanBox Sheet Metal Automation
  10. Video: ATOS Casting 3D Scanning and Inspection Process
  11. Presentations from Capture 3D Measurement Innovation and GOM Conference 2012
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  13. Upcoming Events Schedule


Cat's 10 Years!  

A Stroll Down Memory Lane
Catherine Kim, Marketing Manager, Capture 3D, Inc.

In March I celebrated my 10 year anniversary with the Capture 3D team.  Although a decade sounds like a long time, it’s unbelievable how fast it has flown by.  I still remember my interview with owners Rick White and Johan Gout in a small two-story building that was situated behind the airport.  After the interview I thought to myself, I could possibly work here for a few years to gain experience.  How quickly those “few years” turned into 10 and the amount of knowledge I have gained, and still am gaining, is truly priceless.  Today, Capture 3D has offices throughout the United States and each year we steadily grow. 

Capture 3D started in 1997 from a vision two friends shared about the future direction of metrology and how to introduce revolutionary measurement systems to North American manufacturers. Rick and Johan understood the potential risks they would need to take in order to turn their ideas into a reality.  They would re-direct their thriving careers and invest their savings to introduce to the North American market new and unseen optical metrology technology that was ahead of its time.  The most challenging part of their strategic plan was convincing their pregnant wives that the timing made sense, and that the dining room could be better used as an office for the foreseeable future.  After months of hard work, sleep deprivation, and long hours, their determination was rewarded.  Within months, Capture 3D’s first customers included Walt Disney Imagineering, Ford, and Chromalloy which are all still Capture 3D customers today.  These initial “first orders” gave confirmation to the technology and the market, prompting Capture 3D to invest more capital and resources in developing the marketplace. 

This year marks Capture 3D’s 16th year anniversary as GOM mbH’s North American partner and top ranking distributor.  GOM was founded in 1990 from a development project at the Technical University of Braunschweig located in Germany.  GOM stands for Gesellschaft fur Optische Messtechnik which in English translates to, “Society for Optical Metrology.”   When Rick and Johan had met GOM, there were about a dozen employees.  Today, GOM has over 400 employees and 45 distributors worldwide with an industry reputation for engineering high-quality and innovative optical metrology systems for 3D scanning, photogrammetry, material testing, deformation and strain analysis.  There are over 6,000 GOM systems installed worldwide. 

Out of the 365 days per year, we spend approximately 235 days in the workplace, so needless to say, the environment and people we work with are important.  We thank you for your continuous support and most of all your friendship. This year, Capture 3D and GOM have exciting developments to share with you and we can’t wait!  

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Fisher Price Commentary


Fisher Price Commentary

“We were tasked by management with an aggressive goal to transform our Design to Tool Building process to all Digital.  Our research lead us to choose ATOS as the system most likely to provide the success we were looking for in such a short period of time.  We very quickly achieved our goals and reduced the process from 3 - 5 days down to a 1.5 hour process.  This decision created a significant savings in time and money while shortening our product time to market.”

Fisher Price
Senior Model Maker

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NASA brings F1 engine back to life

NASA brings F1 engine back to life

NASA brings F1 engine back to life


NASA brings the monstrous F-1 "moon rocket" engine back to life using ATOS

"There has never been anything like the Saturn V, the launch vehicle that powered the United States past the Soviet Union to a series of manned lunar landings in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The rocket redefined "massive," standing 363 feet (110 meters) in height and producing a ludicrous 7.68 million pounds (34 meganewtons) of thrust from the five monstrous, kerosene-gulping Rocketdyne F-1 rocket engines that made up its first stage.

At the time, the F-1 was the largest and most powerful liquid-fueled engine ever constructed; even today, its design remains unmatched (though see the sidebar, "The Soviets," for more information on engines that have rivaled the F-1). The power generated by five of these engines was best conceptualized by author David Woods in his book How Apollo Flew to the Moon—"[T]he power output of the Saturn first stage was 60 gigawatts. This happens to be very similar to the peak electricity demand of the United Kingdom."

Despite the stunning success of the Saturn V, NASA's direction shifted after Project Apollo's conclusion; the Space Transport System—the Space Shuttle and its associated hardware—was instead designed with wildly different engines. For thirty years, NASA's astronaut corps rode into orbit aboard Space Shuttles powered by RS-25 liquid hydrogen-powered engines and solid-propellant boosters. With the Shuttle's discontinuation, NASA is currently hitching space rides with the Russians.

But there's a chance that in the near future, a giant rocket powered by updated F-1 engines might once again thunder into the sky. And it's due in no small part to a group of young and talented NASA engineers in Huntsville, Alabama, who wanted to learn from the past by taking priceless museum relics apart... and setting them on fire."

Read the entire story here-

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GM Chevy Volt

GM Chevy Volt


GM, Mann+Hummel, and partners engineer composites for this complex assembly with a strong accent on repeatability with help from ATOS

"Dimensional analysis of the prototype molds was conducted with the aid of an ATOS Triple Scan optical 3-D digitizing scanner equipped for blue light scanning (blue light permits accurate measurements regardless of ambient light conditions), supplied by Capture 3D (Costa Mesa, Calif.) and developed by GOM mbH (Braunschweig, Germany). Scanner feedback guided development of the multicavity production molds, optimizing dimensional results while eliminating tuning loops."

Read the entire story here-

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New Capture 3D Washington Facility


Northwest Expansion in Washington

With the continuing success of integrating 3D metrology solutions in the Northwest region, Capture 3D has expanded and relocated our Washington facility to a larger building.  With our corporate office headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, Capture 3D has locations throughout the United States including a 3D Metrology Automation Center in Farmington Hills, Michigan. 

Please note the new address for our Northwest facility-
Capture 3D, Inc.
1045 12th Ave NW
Suite F5
Issaquah, WA 98027

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ATOS Triple Scan 12M


New ATOS Triple Scan 12M Redefines High Definition

The ATOS Triple Scan 12M is the newest addition to the ATOS series of innovative 3D scanners utilizing non-contact structured Blue LED Technology.  It is engineered with high quality optics, advanced hardware, and intelligent software for high resolution 3D scanning, accurate measurements, and fast comprehensive inspection analysis with virtual 3D color maps.  The ATOS Triple Scan 12M takes a single volumetric scan containing 12 million data points in seconds, and can measure small to extra large objects with intricate feature detail.  The Triple Scan Blue Light functionality drastically improves the line of sight, minimizes the number of scans it takes to measure an entire object, and advances the scanning of shiny and/or dark colored surfaces.  The ATOS Triple Scan 12M redefines the true meaning of high definition for 3D scanning and inspection applications.  For more information, please visit-

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New ATOS Plus


New ATOS Plus (Add-on): Automating Integrated Photogrammetry for Product Inspection Applications

The ATOS Plus is an add-on to the ATOS Triple Scan series of 3D scanners.  It intuitively integrates photogrammetry, 3D scanning, and inspection to further advance automation, dimensional analysis, verification, and process safety.  This dynamic combination enhances measurement accuracy, repeatability, and eliminates the need for costly precise fixtures.  It streamlines the entire measurement process while decreasing the overall project time.  With a press of a button, ATOS automatically performs photogrammetry, 3D scanning, and inspection delivering accurate and rapid results.  The ATOS Plus is available with high resolution 12 or 29 million mega pixels cameras.  Please contact for more information. 

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ATOS Plus ScanBox 6130


New ATOS ScanBox 6130: Ground-breaking Automation for Large and/or Heavy Parts

The ATOS ScanBox 6130 is the newest addition to GOM’s product line of advanced automated solutions with the capability of scanning parts larger than 6.5 ft and/or up to 4,400 lbs in weight.  The ATOS ScanBox series is a turnkey solution for automating 3D scanning and inspection applications. It is designed to industrial standards and engineered with high quality components to ensure process optimization, increased throughput, and automation success. Delivery time is short and setup is plug-and-play.  The ATOS ScanBox is integrated with an ATOS Triple Scan sensor which is recognized by the industry for its precise accuracy, high resolution and speed.  When coupled with automation, it becomes a metrology power house increasing productivity, repeatability, and accelerating ROI.  Please contact for more information. 

ATOS ScanBox Series

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ATOS ScanBox sheet metal part inspection process  

Video: ATOS ScanBox Sheet Metal Automation

View the ATOS ScanBox 3D scanning and inspecting a sheet metal part-

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ATOS Casting 3D scanning and inspection workflow

ATOS Casting 3D scanning and inspection workflow

ATOS Casting 3D scanning and inspection workflow


Video: ATOS Casting 3D Scanning and Inspection Process

3D Metrology Process for Industrial Casting Manufacturing- A wide range of industries utilize castings in their products. Casting manufacturers are striving to produce parts closer to net shape and meet tighter tolerance requirements while minimizing costs and rework. These industry demands are driving a requirement for quick, accurate, and more thorough part qualifications to ensure a final part exists within the casting or forging.

The ATOS 3D scanning solution differs from traditional contact measurement solutions such as coordinate measuring machines (CMM) and articulating measuring arms. Instead of measuring discrete point locations, ATOS operates similar to a camera by taking precise 3D full field measurements, or scans, of a part. These scans are automatically merged together generating a digital "as manufactured" 3D dense accurate point cloud. This approach facilitates faster data acquisition and delivers a more thorough part definition for inspection and quality control. This method also highlights anomalies that may not be detected by traditional contact methods. The more robust data definition better supports FEA/CFD analysis and reverse engineering processes as well.

View the ATOS Casting 3D scanning and inspection process here-

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North American Eagle

Pratt & Whitney

Rolls Royce



Shape Fidelity

Volkswagen Opel



Presentations from Capture 3D Measurement Innovation and GOM Conference 2012

The public presentations from Capture 3D Measurement Innovation 2012 and the GOM Optical Metrology 2012 are listed below and can be accessed at  Please contact for the password.

Capture 3D Measurement Innovation 2012- North America

  • Alcoa Howmet Castings (Not Available)-  ATOS Gage R&R Study of Investment-Cast Turbine Components for the Propulsion and IGT Industries
  • Boeing (Public)- Solving Production Risks with Optical Metrology for Aircraft Modifications
  • Capture 3D (Public)- Improving and Optimizing Processes with Automation
  • Capture 3D (Public)- Measurement Innovation in Today's World for the Growing Future
  • Chrysler Design (Not Available)- Product Development Through Digital Design
  • Chrysler Tech Center- (Public) 3D Scanning and Inspection for Die Construction
  • GOM (Public)- 3D Metrology Technical Developments
  • Mann+Hummel (Public)- Improving Throughput & Productivity with Automation and the Virtual Measuring Room
  • Motorola (Public)- New Directions in CAV Analysis to Improve the RP Process-The Search for the Golden Part
  • NASA (Public)- Space Shuttle: Thirty Years of Flight, Thirty Years of Lessons Learned
  • Nissan (Not Available)- Frugal Innovation: Nissan’s cost-effective solution to attain top-level BIW quality
  • North American Eagle (Public)- Attempting to Break the Land Speed Record Utilizing Photogrammetry & 3D Scanning for Crucial CFD Analysis
  • Pratt & Whitney (Not Available)- Rapid Deployment & Other Interesting Things
  • Shape Fidelity (Not Available)- Resurrecting the F-1 – 3D Scanning to Digitally Capture the Saturn V Main Engine
  • Trilion (Public)- Optical Full-Field 3D Deformation & Material Testing Analysis

GOM Optical Metrology Digitizing Conference 2012- Global

  • ACTech, Germany (Public)- Optical measuring systems in the rapid prototyping process for castings
  • Airbus, France (Public)- Automated corner fitting inspection on Airbus A350
  • Braun, Germany (Public)- 3D Metrology on plastic parts
  • Fraunhofer IWU Dresden, Germany (Public)- Application of optical metrology for analysis during the car body process chain
  • Gedia, Germany (Public)- Strategic implementation of optical metrology at Tier-One automotive supplier
  • NASA, USA (Available in Capture 3D Conference)- Optical metrology techniques in support of the space shuttle Columbia accident investigation
  • Opel, Germany (Public)- Automated inspection - standardized scanning cell in Opel/Vauxhall bodyshops
  • Rolls Royce, United Kingdom (Not Available)- Advanced quality control on blades and blisks including gauge R&R
  • Samsung, Korea (Public)- Optimizing production processes of electronic products using ATOS, PONTOS, ARAMIS and ARGUS
  • Snecma, France (Public)- Digital inspection workflow with CAD based FTA integration
  • VW Wolfsburg, Germany (Not Available)- Policies and procedures for the implementation of optical measurement technology at Volkswagen AG

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Upcoming Events Schedule  

Upcoming Events Schedule

Come visit Capture 3D at the following events. To arrange a meeting, please email

  • 05/14 - 05/16 SME Eastec, West Springfield, MA, Booth #3051
  • 06/04 - 06/06 ASME Turbo Expo, San Antonio, TX, Booth #225
  • 06/10 - 06/13 SME Rapid, Pittsburgh, PA, Booth #709
  • 07/22 - 07/26 CMSC, San Diego, CA Booths #320, 322, 324

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