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  1. Why you should attend Capture 3D Innovation 2014
  2. TRW Customer Commentary
  3. Delcam selects GOM to improve data capture in aerospace and automotive projects
  4. Bradken Case Study: Foundry Modernization with Innovative 3D Metrology Solutions
  5. Video: New ATOS Core ScanBox 4105 - Automated inspection for small to medium sized parts
  6. Social Media - Connect With Us
  7. Upcoming Events Schedule



Catherine Kim  

Why you should attend Capture 3D Innovation 2014
Catherine Kim, Marketing Manager, Capture 3D, Inc.

We live in a world fueled by creativity, innovation, and competition. When product ideas are born, the world of engineering gives it life. 3D metrology plays a tremendous role in product development, manufacturing, and production.

Metrology is more than finding coordinate values. It’s about quickly delivering accurate results to take the guess work out, so your company can rapidly turnaround the right strategy to save time, money and to maximize your investment. The purpose of measurement is to lead to improvement, and metrology has evolved to conquer manufacturing's challenges. Companies have progressed from traditional measurement methods to optical non-contact metrology.

Capture 3D Innovation is our users group meeting that occurs every 2 years. It is a specialized event designed for quality and manufacturing executives, managers, and engineers focusing on continuing process improvement through metrology. This year it will be at the Hilton in Costa Mesa, California on October 14-16, 2014 and we would love for you to join us-

Why you should attend...

Industry leaders sharing manufacturing advancement techniques

  • Hear how our customers from various industries are optimizing processes, solving engineering issues, preventing future problems, eliminating wasteful iterations/rework, and improving quality while accelerating ROI

Forward thinking 3D metrology for quantifiable process improvement

  • Learn firsthand about upcoming developments from Capture 3D and GOM
  • Discuss functionalities and features that are important to your organization
  • Meet Capture 3D and GOM developers

Insightful quality management/metrology focused tracks and GOM Inspect/ATOS Pro inspection software training

  • Management tracks focusing on market trends, functionalities, and automation specifically for a manager
  • Metrology tracks for engineers on inspection functionalities- power generation (turbine blade, blisk, vane, stator, etc.), curves (sheet metal, hemmed edges, flush and gap, etc.), and Virtual Measuring Room for automation.
  • Software training course for GOM Inspect freeware
  • Software training course for GOM Inspect Pro and ATOS Pro inspection

3D Solutions Expo displaying cutting edge metrology technology

  • See the latest advancements in our expo room
  • Speak with Capture 3D, GOM, and other partners for the latest in Automation, Inspection, Quality Control, Rapid Prototyping, and Reverse Engineering

Network and collaborate with other professionals who share similar goals

  • Surround yourself with like-minded professionals motivated to continue process improvement strategies

Manufacturing progression starts here. Please don't miss out on this great event. There is no other conference in the industry that completely focuses on optical non-contact metrology. Seating is limited, so register today at

Happy manufacturing and we hope to see you in October.

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TRW Customer Testimonial


TRW Customer Commentary

The primary goal in obtaining an optical sensor was for speeding up our problem resolution time. This adequately did the job while other projects organically spawned off such as pre-DV (design validation) qualification, resulting in higher first time throughput of development testing and pre-PPAP (production parts approval process) qualification which serves as a great dimensional check and with that, the free automatic snapshot of the part at launch. After testing several metrology technologies we narrowed down our selection to two optical 3D scanners. We further benchmarked both systems and chose Capture 3D’s ATOS solution because of the accuracy, faster workflow process, higher data quality, and ease of use. The data quality from the other system was inferior and the paid-for interrogation analysis package simply didn’t stack up to the free version of GOM Inspect. ATOS has become our primary measurement tool and with it we have increased efficiencies by optimizing our dimensional analysis methods. The free GOM Inspect software has proven to be a valuable asset empowering each product group to perform thorough inspections and quickly solve problems at their workstations, thus freeing up our ATOS system to continually measure parts. We are currently in the process of institutionalizing GOM Inspect throughout the organization. The Capture 3D support team and the GOM online tutorials have been very helpful and we are able to quickly train new users.

Product Engineer
TRW Automotive

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Delcam selects GOM to improve data capture in aerospace and automotive projects



Delcam selects GOM to improve data capture in aerospace and automotive projects

Delcam has selected GOM’s ATOS III system to improve data capture for automation sequences in its process development work and in developing turnkey adaptive machining cells.

In these cells, Delcam staff are applying their expertise to automate the process from 3D scan through to intelligent machining of components. These projects are mainly for the aerospace and automotive industries and involve the development of geometric adaptive machining solutions for complex engineering tasks.

GOM and Delcam staff have forged close working relations on creating detailed scan data on complex aerospace parts. The scan data is used to provide reference information for geometric distortion of complex components. This allows Delcam to develop geometrically adapted machine tool paths.

The ATOS III has given Delcam another form of inspection and allows for more accurate reverse engineering. It has made inspection of many parts quicker and more thorough, with more data provided in a shorter time.

Delcam chose GOM because of the quality of the ATOS III and the after-sales support offered by GOM UK. Delcam particularly valued GOM’s excellent support structure and access to very well established users groups and conferences.

The main uses for the GOM equipment are aerospace and automotive. However, it has been recently used by Delcam as part of a project for a maker of saddles for polo ponies.Delcam ATOS ScanBox

The GOM ScanBox contains the ATOS Triple Scan 3D sensor mounted on a robot, so combining the accuracy of the ATOS blue-light technology with the flexibility of the robot. This combination offers the highest resolution data from small, detailed parts, while also providing extremely fast scanning of large objects up to two metres in length. The point-cloud data generated can be used for either reverse engineering or inspection with Delcam software.

Kevin Hawley, GOM UK’s sales manager, said: "Delcam is a fantastic partner in this high tech field as its software is used by so many leading aerospace and automotive manufacturers. We have worked together to produce a sensor that offers the highest resolution at very high scanning speeds.”

Paul Wilkinson, General Manager of Delcam Professional Services, said: "GOM is at the forefront of metrology systems and we are pleased to have worked with the company to develop our new services. The GOM equipment will make reverse engineering or inspection much easier and more accurate. This technology is needed by today’s manufacturers.”

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Bradken logo

Bradken Foundry 3D Scanning

Bradken Foundry 3D Scanning


Bradken Case Study: Foundry Modernization with Innovative 3D Metrology Solutions

As the casting product pedigree increased so did the demand for fast and accurate dimensional inspection. Bradken’s Tacoma foundry struggled to keep pace with the demand for dimensional inspection on an increasing volume of complex casting geometry. Castings ranged in size from 50 pounds up to 25 tons with some dimensions in excess of 15 feet. The existing articulating measuring arms (portable CMM- coordinate measuring machines) could take weeks to dimensionally inspect a medium-sized casting with its mounted laser scanner. Each time the arm needed to be repositioned errors were introduced in overlapping patches of the data. The equipment was difficult to maneuver, and the technology limited the parts that could be measured in-house. The larger production castings with tight tolerances could not be measured with the CMM system and those castings were outsourced to a company that utilized a laser tracker to perform the dimensional inspection. To close this gap in on site capability Bradken’s Tacoma foundry needed a faster 3D metrology solution able to measure current and anticipated complex large casting and assembled fabrications. The equipment had to be able to deliver detailed data resolution, system versatility, hold customer requested tolerances, improve efficiency, reduce rework and eliminate cost.

After reviewing several technologies Bradken’s Tacoma foundry decided to use a structured evaluation process to identify the system that would best meet their needs. Bradken had 3D metrology companies come to their facility to measure and inspect large machined dome castings that were part of a nuclear waste containment fabrication. By providing the same part for dimensional analysis, Bradken was able to do a side by side comparison benchmark study. The following 3D measurement technologies were evaluated:

  • 3D Laser Scanner
  • Handheld 3D Laser Scanner
  • Laser Tracker
  • Structured Blue Light 3D Scanner

To read the entire case study, please email

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ATOS Core ScanBox 4105  

Video: New ATOS Core ScanBox 4105 - Automated inspection of small to medium sized parts

New ATOS ScanBox 4105

The ATOS ScanBox 4105 a fully automated solution designed to increase throughput, productivity, and repeatability for industrial quality control processes. It is a "commercial off the shelf" solution that includes an ATOS Core 3D scanner, robot, rotary stage, software, safety housing, and more. View the video here, If you do not have access to YouTube, please email us at and we will send you another link.

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Social Networks  

Social Media - Connect With Us!

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Upcoming Events Schedule  

Upcoming Events Schedule

Come visit Capture 3D at the following events. To arrange a meeting, please email   

  • 04/08 MRO, Phoenix, Arizona, Booth 2834
  • 04/08 Metalcasting Congress, Schaumburg, Illinois, Booth 216
  • 04/09 Amcon, Seattle, Washington, Booth 410
  • 05/13 Trilion User Conference, Radnor, Pennsylvania
  • 05/21 Capture 3D Plastics and Injection Workshop, City of Industry, California
  • 05/22 Capture 3D Casting and Forging Workshop, City of Industry, California
  • 05/28 Capture 3D Plastics and Injection Workshop, Cleveland, Ohio
  • 05/29 Capture 3D Casting and Forging Workshop, Cleveland, Ohio
  • 06/04 Capture 3D Plastics and Injection Workshop, Schaumburg, Illinois
  • 06/05 Capture 3D Casting and Forging Workshop, Schaumburg, Illinois
  • 06/17 Capture 3D Plastics and Injection Workshop, Bellevue, Washington
  • 06/18 Capture 3D Casting and Forging Workshop, Bellevue, Washington
  • 07/09 Capture 3D Plastics and Injection Workshop, Portland, Oregon
  • 07/10 Capture 3D Casting and Forging Workshop, Portland, Oregon
  • 07/21 CMSC, North Charleston, South Carolina, Booth 309 and 311

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