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  1. 7 Weeks Away! Final Guest Speakers Announced for Capture 3D Innovation 2014
  2. Capture 3D Innovation New Hilton Hotel Block – First Block Has Sold Out
  3. BMW Customer Story
  4. New Capture 3D Office in North Carolina
  5. Braun: One Image Says More Than a Thousand Numbers – Quality Assurance of Plastic Parts with Optical 3D Measurement
  6. New GOM Inspect Professional / ATOS Professional V8 Release - Emerging Metrology Technology
  7. How to Upgrade to V8 - GOM Inspect Professional / ATOS Professional
  8. New GOM Inspect Freeware V8 – Over 39K Instant Downloads
  9. Social Media - Connect with Us
  10. Upcoming Events



Catherine Kim  

7 Weeks Away! Final Guest Speakers Announced for Capture 3D Innovation 2014
Catherine Kim, Marketing Manager, Capture 3D, Inc.

We are 7 weeks away from Capture 3D Innovation 2014 and we are delighted to announce our list of guest speakers who will be sharing their stories on progressing manufacturing with non-contact 3D measurement. This special event occurs every 2 years and many of these presentations will not be publicly available.  If you have not yet registered, we would love for you to join us October 14-16, 2014 at the Hilton Hotel in Costa Mesa, California. 

  • Advanced Simulation Technology, Inc. - Techniques in Reverse Engineering and Redesigning a  Diesel Cylinder Engine, and How to Handle Large Amounts of Scan Data
  • Alcoa Howmet Castings - Robotic Production Inspection of Ceramic Components using the ATOS Triple Scan
  • Capture 3D/GOM - Forward Thinking 3D Metrology for Quantifiable Results
  • Capture 3D/GOM - Emerging Metrology Technologies - New V8 Release
  • Capture 3D/GOM - Advancing Automation for Increased Productivity, Higher Throughput, and Repeatability
  • Capture 3D/GOM - Measurement System Analysis - Gage R&R, Accuracy, and Bias Studies
  • Delcam Professional Services - Adaptive Machining to Optimize Aerospace and Medical Processes Using ATOS for High Resolution 3D Scanning and Dimensional Analysis
  • GE Power and Water - ScanBox industrialization through a series of MVP's & RP methods
  • Honeywell - 3D Scanning and Inspection: Interesting Examples from the Turbine Engine Industry
  • Military - R&D with Optical Metrology: Integration of ATOS Triple scan into target virtualization, design modification, reverse engineering of foreign weapon systems, and scanning/manufacturing iterative process for fabricating tight tolerance hypersonic hardware.
  • Motorola - RP Process Improvement Systems and CAV Applications
  • Shape Fidelity - TBA – Digital Tooling for Aerospace Manufacturing
  • Solar Turbines - Airfoil Reverse Engineering Techniques using 3D Scanning and 3D Printing
  • SRAM - Optical Measurement in R&D for Forgings – How Optical Metrology can Efficiently  Support the Pre-Production Development Process
  • Toyota - Implementing Automated ATOS Inspection for Stamping Dies and Panels
  • Trilion - Optical Full-Field 3D Deformation, Dynamic Strain & Material Testing Analysis

Capture 3D Customers

  • Training $375 - GOM Inspect Freeware OR GOM Inspect Professional/ATOS Professional. Includes course material, meals, and certificate.
  • Conference $0 - 2 complimentary passes per Dongle ID. For additional team members, please use Guest pricing. Includes welcome mixer, guest speakers, tracks, expo, meals and evening dinner gala.

Other Guests

  • Training $375 - GOM Inspect Freeware only. Includes course material, meals, and certificate.
  • Conference $375 - Includes welcome mixer, guest speakers, tracks, expo, meals and evening dinner gala.

There are 3 ways to register- online, email/fax, or call us by phone. If your registration requires payment, you will receive an invoice after we review your submission. 

Hope to see you in October!

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Capture 3D Innovation Conference


Capture 3D Innovation New Hilton Hotel Block – First Block Has Sold Out

Our initial hotel block has sold out; however, we have secured a new block of limited rooms for $159 per night which includes complimentary self-parking, internet, and shuttle service to/from SNA airport.  If you plan on attending, please make sure you reserve your room.  If you are having any issues receiving our rate, please contact Catherine Kim or Tiffany Ortega at or at (714) 546-7278.

3050 Bristol Street
Costa Mesa, California 92626
(714)540-7000, Group Code: C3D
Online Booking:

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BMW Customer Story

“Optical 3D coordinate measuring technology from GOM is used for quality assurance in design and tool-making departments, press shops, car body shops and close to production lines in nearly all BMW plants worldwide.  For example the press shop at BMW's Dingolfing plant relies on optical metrology systems, including automation and standardization for inspection of sheet-metal components.  As GOM Inspect Freeware Software operates on hundreds of computers throughout the group and, in addition, resides on BMW’s internal network server – along with 28,000 completed metrology projects. This information can be accessed by all colleagues and departments involved, saving significant time in component evaluation discussions. This way 3D data is archived rather than storing the physical components.  The collaborative relationship between BMW and the GOM team has proved highly successful with sensor, automation, inspection software, and support coming from a single source partner.”

Quality Manager
Quality Control Press Shop
BMW Dingolfing

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Capture 3D in North Carolina  

New Capture 3D Office in North Carolina

We are excited to announce we have opened a new facility in North Carolina! If you would like to schedule a meeting with our team there, please email

Capture 3D, Inc
9735 Northcross Center Court
Suite L
Huntersville, NC 28078
T: (980) 888-1050

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Braun: One Image Says More Than a Thousand Numbers – Quality Assurance of Plastic Parts with Optical 3D Measurement

Since Braun introduced optical measuring systems to its quality assurance process, first article inspection has been accelerated significantly. The product portfolio of Braun in Germany, a Procter & Gamble subsidiary, includes electric razors, epilators and hair and dental care appliances under well-known brands such as Gillette and Oral-B. In the past, inspection of parts was based on elements from drawings and thus highly work-intensive. However, full-field part inspection was not possible. The company therefore opted to migrate to optical metrology. Today, Braun uses the ATOS 3D digitizer in conjunction with the GOM inspection software.

Full-field measuring data and quick evaluations have made it possible for Braun to cut first article inspection times significantly. In addition, the tool correction process has been accelerated because problems, that commonly occur on injection molded parts, such as sink marks, misaligned ejectors, protruding gates or even component warp, are identified and located promptly. This is a great advantage for mold makers since they quickly see whether and how they need to intervene in the tool geometry.

Since Braun rolled out optical measurements, the company has been able to simplify its technical drawings and inspection reports. Because of easy to understand evaluations showing deviations from CAD in color, several hundred pages of conventional tables from test reports can be reduced to a handful of images and functional dimensions. As a result, technical drawings can be simplified in advance. To provide a fast overview, the full-field measurement data of a component is compared with CAD data. The inspection elements are reduced to relevant functional dimensions and GD&T elements and then inspected.

The complete case study is available here-

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New V8 Release  

New GOM Inspect Professional / ATOS Professional V8 Release - Emerging Metrology Technology

With the highly anticipated release of V8, we have exciting developments and new features to share with you. 

  • Enhanced Triple Scan functionality for further improved data quality, faster teaching processes, and rapid post-processing of scan data
  • Local Coordinate Systems - New creation possibilities for local coordinate systems, allowing local dimensioning and extended GD&T analysis as well as application-specific alignments and 6DoF analysis.
  • Timeline - Graphical user interface integrated in standard GOM project structure, helping to manage multiple stage projects such as for SPC and deformation analysis.
  • Enhanced inspection functions - Industry specific inspection features, new templates, styles, skins, and more.
  • New "Live" software module for optical part tracking for positioning, back projection of features onto the part's surface for machining and welding, Touch Probe measurements, deformation tracking analysis and more.
  • Updated VMR (Virtual Measuring Room) automation module including automatic sensor positioning, path optimization, reflection detection, and more.

View the recorded webinars at -

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How to Upgrade  

How to Upgrade to V8 - GOM Inspect Professional / ATOS Professional

For customers wanting to upgrade to the latest V8 release, please submit your dongle update request here -

If you would like a quote to renew your software maintenance, please email Tiffany Ortega at

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Free GOM Inspect

Free GOM Inspect


New GOM Inspect Freeware V8 – Over 39K Instant Downloads

GOM Inspect is a free mesh processing and inspection software for dimensional analysis of 3D point clouds. Imported, process, evaluate, view and share all in one free software package!  It also contains a complete set of tools for advanced mesh processing and evaluation. This software not only analyzes ATOS data, but also 3D point clouds from laser scanners, CTs, and other white light scanners.  Additionally, share results to analyze data and easily detect problematic areas with colleagues, suppliers, and/or customers for effective collaboration to expedite decision making processes.

Download GOM Inspect right now at -

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Social Networks  

Social Media - Connect With Us!

We thank you for your support!  If you haven’t done so already, follow us and like us!  For up-to-date news, facts, contests, and more. 

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Upcoming Events Schedule  

Upcoming Events Schedule

We had hundreds join us at our Casting and Injection Mold workshops around the United States.  We thank you for your participation.  Capture 3D will host 3D Measurement Workshops at your facility and cater the event to your requirements.  Please email us for more information.  Below is our upcoming schedule and we welcome you to come and visit the Capture 3D Team. To arrange a meeting or company workshop, please email     

  • 09/08 – 09/13 IMTS, Chicago, IL, Booth E-5368
  • 10/01 – 10/02 Boeing Tech Fair, Everett, WA
  • 10/05 – 10/08 Investment Casting 61st Technical Conference, Covington, KY, Booth 425
  • 10/14 – 10/16 Capture 3D Innovation Users Conference, Costa Mesa, CA
  • 11/18 – 11/19 PCC Quality Conference, Jacksonville, FL

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