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ATOS Technology Day - Registration is Full

Advanced Inspection for Automotive Car Body Manufacturing is Revolutionizing the Industry—Who Will Adapt, and Who Will Fall Behind?

Cost: Complimentary, breakfast and lunch included
Wednesday, August 1, 2018 from 9:00AM to 4:00PM
23070 Commerce Drive
Farmington Hills, MI 48335

New trends in industrial 3D metrology and automation are changing the way automotive companies manage the quality control process. We would like to invite you—a quality expert for automotive car body manufacturing—to our event, ATOS Technology Day, to learn how the latest revolutionary technology from GOM can improve your manufacturing process and give your company a competitive edge.

When companies adopt ATOS high-precision 3D metrology technology, they:

  • Improve design, manufacturing and production workflows
  • Immediately solve quality issues and quickly derive the optimal corrective action
  • Eliminate unnecessary repetitive processes, rework, and iterations
  • Improve cycle times, productivity, and/or capacity
  • Improve product quality—tighter part quality standards
  • Resolve unforeseen issues to eliminate making bad parts
  • Increase profits, improve competitive advantage and reduce the time-to-market

At ATOS Technology Day, attendees will see live demonstrations of the newest developments in ATOS technology, including the newly released ATOS 5 and ATOS 5X blue light scanners incorporating an industry changing and first of its kind, "Blue Light Equalizer" technology and the latest software enhancements. Examples of demonstrations include body-in-white, inner trunklid and front door measurement, as well as examples of tooling and sheet metal solutions.


  • 9AM - 10AM Registration and Welcome Coffee
  • 10AM - 4PM Presentations, Live Software, Technology Exhibition
  • 4PM Afternoon Beer and Networking

Technology Features

High-speed 3D scanning

  • Automated shop floor metrology
  • New sensor generation ATOS 5 and software developments
  • Inline integration and automated part-loading solutions

Full-field 3D data

  • Comprehensive process and quality control
  • Visualize hidden process errors and get ready for Industry 4.0
  • Evaluate character lines, radii, trimmed edges and hole patterns

Software Developments

Digital Assembly

  • Replace physical cubing and meisterbock
  • Analyze functional dimensions, gap and flush

Virtual Clamping

  • New algorithms reduce fixturing costs considerably
  • Improve process reliability and repeatability

Surface Defect Inspection

  • Validate high-quality surfaces
  • Use classification thresholds for objective inspection

Augmented Reality

  • Innovative visualization of dimensional analysis

This complimentary event will take place at Capture 3D’s office in Farmington Hills, MI on August 1 from 9 AM—4 PM. Refreshments, breakfast and lunch will be served. Application engineers and metrology experts from both GOM and Capture 3D will be on hand to answer any questions and demonstrate solutions.

This is an event that is part of a global series.  For more information on events in Germany and China, please visit

To secure your spot for this event, please register below. For questions, please email . 



We apologize, but registration is full as of July 17th, 2018. 

If you would like to be put on a waiting list, please email .  Please note, our Innovation Conference & Expo is our largest event that will be held on October 2nd-4th, 2018 (  This event is filling up quickly and seating is also limited, so we encourage you to please register.  We will be showcasing these new technologies plus other innovations.  Thank you.  


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