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GOM CT | Industrial Computed Tomography

Precisely captures internal and external geometries with X-ray technology

The GOM CT scanner enables the inspection of complex parts based on volumes. All surfaces—even internal structures—can, for example, be used for shape and dimension analyses or nominal-actual comparisons. The CT scanner is ideal for users who need to scan parts with complex internal structures that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

 225 kV X-ray source 

3k-detector (3008 x 2512 pixels) 

Voxel size: 2 µm - 80 µm 

Photogrammetric calibration

5-axis kinematics

Measuring area: Ø 240 mm, H. 400 mm

Temperature balancing

I/O port


Precise Metrology

3d-scanner-gom-ct-slider-1  3d-scanner-gom-ct-slider-2 
 3d-scanner-gom-ct-slider-3 3d-scanner-gom-ct-slider-4 

Technical data

H. 2130 mm
W. 2200 mm
D. 1230 mm

4800 kg

400 V / 3-phase / 16 A



High-resolution CT measuring results

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