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GOM Software Open Data Formats

Open Data Formats

A changing customer manufacturing and metrology environment has led GOM to identify a number of critical software areas which could lead to significant process efficiencies and integrity improvements.

One problematic area identified is where measurement results, evaluations and reports are often only available in closed data formats. Thus it cannot be guaranteed that such data is available in the long term or useable after a few years.

As a system provider GOM understands the importance of integrating its technical measurement solutions into the process chain of the users. For this purpose, GOM develops open data formats and thus provides simple exchange or optimized archiving of measuring and inspection data.

GOM Inspection Exchange Format

The GOM Inspection Exchange Format allows the open data exchange of 3D inspection elements for an open handling of measuring and analysis data.

Among others, the GOM Inspection Exchange Format includes primitives, CMM elements, point clouds, sections and touch probe points (no polygon meshes). It is available as of GOM software v6.1.1. This is an open source format and can be implemented without limitations.

The format description of the GOM Inspection Exchange Format is available in English:

PDF: GOM Inspection Exchange Format (422.08 kb)

You can find several dataset examples here:

XML: All Exported Element Types (455.65 kb)

EXE: GOM Inspection Exchange Format Example Session (27.58 mb)

GOM 3D (.g3d)

With the GOM 3D format, GOM provides a free data format for 3D datasets. This format is faster in reading and saving data, and is more flexible than the known STL format.
GOM's 3D format has been provided since 2002 and today it is supported in the established CAD/CAM software packages.

A description of the data format is available in English:

PDF: g3d-format-en (125.31 kb)

You can find several dataset examples here:

Sample .g3d Data



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