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Powerful surface reconstruction and tool correction software

Scan a component in ZEISS INSPECT or any other software and import your STL or PLY data and ASCII formats into ZEISS REVERSE ENGINEERING. Just a few guided steps result in a highly precise CAD model that you can export into common formats such as IGES, STEP or SAT.


Mesh Editing Software GOM Software ZEISS INSPECT  ZEISS INSPECT GOM INSPECT 3D metrology software   ZEISS INSPECT 3D Metrology Software GOM INSPECT  GD&T geometric dimensioning and tolerancing  

ZEISS INSPECT 3D Metrology Software GOM INSPECT  GD&T geometric dimensioning and tolerancing

System independence

Import your 3D measurement data from whatever tech you choose - whether you use an accurate 3D scanner, an X-ray / CT for metrology, or a CMM. It's your STL data your way.

Guided Workflow

ZEISS REVERSE ENGINEERING guides you through each step of the CAD modeling and the tool correction process. 

High precision

Import any number of raw points from your scan data to create highly accurate surfaces. Access limitless precision at your fingertips.

Large functionality set

Edit your measuring data with practical functions. Fill holes, smooth, combine, or blend your CAD surfaces, add chamfers or radii and apply Boolean operations or volume functions (extrusion, lofting, sweeping) to get a solid CAD model. 

CAD models for any shape you need

Geometric parts

Powerful functions for components with standard geometrical shapes: Export your data into ZEISS REVERSE ENGINEERING and get busy creating, combining, extracting and adjusting them. The software guides you through the entire process – until you achieve exactly the result that you want.




Freeform surfaces

ZEISS REVERSE ENGINEERING offers various functionalities for achieving highly precise freeform surfaces. For instance, convert your data using “Surface approximation to points” and let the software guide you through the process step by step until your component is created.


Organic shapes

The software is equipped with special engineering tools for accurately remodeling flowing, organic shapes. The best thing about this is: It takes only a few clicks from importing the scan data to the complete 3D model – even in case of sophisticated object designs. Watch this video to see how it works.



Get to CAD faster with 2D-Sketching

The new feature saves you even more time when creating your CAD model - especially when it comes to complex geometries. The principle of the sketch function: Sketches are created in sectional planes, which are optimized by defining dimensions and constraints. In the final step, bodies can then be created from the sketches simply with a mouse click.


ZEISS INSPECT Optical 3D Metrology Software

The ZEISS Quality Suite is home to ZEISS metrology software. Providing uninterrupted data flow and guiding you through your entire workflow, ZEISS Quality Suite is your single source of truth.

Collect, optimize and align your scan data inside ZEISS INSPECT software and transfer the processed data to ZEISS REVERSE ENGINEERING with just one mouse click. Then, your new project will be automatically created, so you can get to work right away.






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