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Inside This Issue:

  1. ATOS 3D Scanner Feature: What is Optical Tracking and GOM Touch Probe?
  2. GE Aviation High Accuracy, High Throughput Inspection Technologies Challenge Winner
  3. Tesla Innovating Automotive Manufacturing
  4. U.S. Mint on CBS Sunday Morning – The Art of Money
  5. Complimentary Education Starter Package for Schools and Universities
  6. Upcoming Training Courses
  7. Social Media - Connect with Us
  8. Upcoming Events

Catherine Kim   ATOS 3D Scanner Feature: What is Optical Tracking and GOM Touch Probe?
Catherine Kim, Marketing Manager, Capture 3D, Inc.

In last quarter’s newsletter, we discussed Back Projection. In this issue, we will cover Optical Tracking and the GOM Touch Probe features that are available with ATOS 3D scanners utilizing ATOS Professional Live software.

In addition to high resolution 3D scanning and comprehensive inspection analysis, ATOS 3D scanners can also be utilized for other supplementary metrology applications, such as tracking. By using reference markers, ATOS can optically track a part’s movement real-time for fast and precise positioning. ATOS tracks single and/or multiple XYZ coordinate points and provides a color map for visual positioning verification.

A few examples of ATOS Optical Tracking applications:

  • Adjusting fixtures
  • Component placement verification
  • Part deformation

ATOS 3D Scanner Optical Tracking Feature

The GOM Touch Probe combines ATOS non-contact 3D scanning with contact touch probe measurements for fast XYZ coordinate calculations in difficult to access areas and hidden cavities. The probe is a hand-held CMM (coordinate measuring machine) that is optically tracked. With a click of a remote control, ATOS takes a measurement wherever the probe contacts the object’s surface. The GOM Touch Probe is available in five standardized sizes and can be purchased individually, or as a kit with adapters for dimensional edge verification, hole and sphere center locations. For specialized projects, customized probes and adapters can also be designed.

A few examples of GOM Touch Probe and Adapter applications:

  • Quick measurements of individual points for inspection
  • Alignment of components
  • Adjustment of fixtures
  • Determination of trimming and springback
  • Fast online alignment measurement of discreet points, primitives and edges

ATOS 3D Scanner CMM Touch Probe Feature

If you would like more information, please email us at [email protected].

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GE Aviation Inspection Technologies Winner

  GE Aviation High Accuracy, High Throughput Inspection Technologies Challenge Winner

Out of 51 entries, Capture 3D was awarded winner of the GE Aviation open innovation High Accuracy, High Throughput Inspection Technologies challenge.  Capture 3D used its ATOS Triple Scan III non-contact blue light 3D scanner, capable of measuring up to 8 million points per scan, to complete the challenge.  Participants entering the challenge had to demonstrate the ability to automatically inspect the blade portion of an off-the-shelf Victorinox paring knife in three minutes or less with accuracy of 10 microns and repeatability of 5 microns.

To read the press release, please click here.

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Tesla Logo



Tesla Innovating Automotive Manufacturing

“We are literally measuring anything that can be measured on our cars here at Tesla thanks to Capture 3D’s metrology solutions. The ATOS 3D scanning technology has given us the luxury with its mobility of using one piece of equipment to perform accurate and detailed inspection analysis and reverse engineering on closures, assembly sets, interiors, and more. We also use TRITOP Photogrammetry to perform vibrations test, certifications, and 180 degree deformation analysis. ATOS and TRITOP were an obvious choice because of its precision, speed, versatility, and the great customer support from the Capture 3D team. In addition to saving time and money, our Capture 3D systems are paramount in our manufacturing processes!”

Product Excellence Blue Light Specialist/Eng. Tech III

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U.S. Mint - 3D Scanning Coins  

U.S. Mint on CBS Sunday Morning – The Art of Money

“In a fast-paced world obsessed with earning money, and spending it, it's understandable why you might not take a minute to examine your spare change. But if you did, you might find those coins are miniature works of art.”

Learn how the U.S. Mint combines art and technology to create unforgettable coins. For the CBS Sunday Morning broadcast, please click here.

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GOM Education Starter Kit


Complimentary Education Starter Package for Schools and Universities

Capture 3D offers a complimentary Education Starter Package for teachers and professors to help educate our future engineers. Each package contains a PowerPoint lecture on the principles of photogrammetry and structured light technology, 30 USB sticks with free GOM Inspect software, ATOS for Education brochures and a classroom poster. Additionally, Capture 3D can provide onsite classroom seminars on the Free GOM Inspect software.

For more information, please contact [email protected].

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Capture 3D Training Courses for 3D Scanning, Inspection and Photogrammetry  

Upcoming Training Courses

Courses fill up quickly, so please make sure to register in advance.

  • June 23rd – Intro to Scripting with ATOS (Closed)
  • June 24th and 25th – Intermediate Scripting with ATOS (Closed)
  • July 13th – Photogrammetry with TRITOP (Open)
  • July 13th – 3D Scanning with ATOS (Open)
  • July 14th and 15th – Inspection with ATOS Professional and GOM Inspect Professional V8 (Closed)
  • July 16th – Airfoil Inspection with ATOS Professional and GOM Inspect Professional V8 (Closed)
  • July 16th – Sheet Metal Inspection with ATOS Professional and GOM Inspect Professional V8 (Closed)

For more information, please contact [email protected]. To register, please click here.

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Social Networks  

Social Media - Connect With Us!

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Upcoming Events Schedule  

Upcoming Events Schedule

Below is our upcoming events schedule and we welcome you to come and visit the Capture 3D Team. For private events, Capture 3D will host 3D Metrology Workshops at your facility, provide catering, and work with you on topics and requirements you wish to address. To arrange a meeting or company workshop, please email [email protected].

  • June 23 to June 25, 2015: Capture 3D ATOS Scripting Courses, Farmington Hills, Michigan
  • June 29 to July 1, 2015: ASME Power and Energy, Booth 302, San Diego, California
  • July 13 to July 17, 2015: Capture 3D V8 Training Courses, Farmington Hills, Michigan
  • July 20 to July 24, 2015: CMSC, Booths 303, 305, and 307, Hollywood, Florida
  • August 3 to August 5, 2015: ASME AM3D, Booth 424, Boston, Massachusetts
  • September 15 to September 17, 2015: Westec, Booth 1847, Los Angeles, California
  • September 21 to September 25, 2015: GOM Conference, Braunschweig, Germany
  • September 22 to September 23, 2015: SAE AeroTech Congress, Booth 621, Seattle, Washington
  • September 28 to October 1, 2015: CMTS, Booth 1152, Ontario, Canada

To view our entire events schedule, please click here.

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