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Teddy bear colorized scan data

Colored 3D Scan Data

Capture 3D ScannersTRITOP photogrammetry

High quality colored 3D data can be generated projecting color information onto digitized data.

To capture good quality color information, the object has to be nicely illuminated and images are captured using the TRITOP photogrammetry system. From these images, the TRITOP software defines the individual positions of the markers on the object or its holder in the images. In addition the actual 3D positions of these markers are defined and given to the ATOS digitizing software. To capture the form, the ATOS digitizer is used. The resulting detailed and accurate data mesh is then imported into the TRITOP photogrammetry system. As the photogrammetry process calculated also the individual positions used to take the color images, this information can now be used to project the color onto the digitized data in an automated process.

Teddy bear colorized scan data


The resulting data file includes therefore an excellent form and color definition as can be seen in figures.

Figure 3 shows the colored data mesh of a smurf, generated by an accurate digitizing and the automated mapping of the color information captured in a TRITOP session at good lighting conditions.

Colored 3D data can be used to generate colored prototypes or to use them for high quality digital product presentations. These nice data can be accessed by a broad audience using modern multi-media based tools and make sure your product gets the attraction needed.

Smurf colorized scan data Smurf colorized scan data