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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

High Precision Aircraft Skin Panel Production with Digital Manufacturing Processes

Capture 3D Scanners

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries explains the importance of using ATOS structured blue light 3D scanner for precision digital manufacturing - aircraft skin panel production, dimensional analysis, spring back analysis, dies, assembly jig and checks.

A representative from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries will be speaking about the strategic rollout of optical metrology in the production of aircraft components. The Japanese company collaborates with leading aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing to develop and produce key components for civil aviation such as aircraft fuselages. Its product portfolio covers machining tools, parts for the automotive industry, power plants, ships and space rockets.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is yet another company that relies on optical metrology to optimize metal parts used for building aircraft fuselages. The ATOS optical 3D digitizer and TRITOP photogrammetry system deliver precise measurement data for finished metal parts, thus enabling shape and dimension analysis. The obtained 3D data is used to analyze trim and springback as well as to ensure the right fit in order to guarantee smooth and tension-free mounting. Optical metrology therefore guarantees a reliable quality control throughout the entire production process.

This presentation was given at the GOM International Conference in 2013. To receive a copy of the entire presentation, please fill out the form below or email .  

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