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GOM Inspect 3-Day Virtual Course

GOM Inspect Virtual Training Course within GOM Suite 2021

Learn how to use the latest software for point-cloud processing and inspection analysis


Recorded on: November 16-18, 2021


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Improve your 3D data inspection and analysis skills in this popular virtual training course. You'll gain first-hand experience and understanding of the leading 3D inspection software delivered by two of our engineering experts. We're happy to offer this complimentary course to help you discover how to use GOM's latest software to improve the efficiency of your measurement processes for your specific application. This course contains useful material for all, whether you are a customer, a free software user, or an engineering student. We cover 3D data inspection basics while stepping into intermediate functionalities within GOM Suite 2021. By the end of this class, you will have created a comprehensive inspection report. 


What is GOM Suite 2021?

GOM Inspect is a mesh processing and inspection software for dimensional analysis of 3D point clouds from structured light 3D scanners, laser scanners, CT scanners, and other measuring devices. Each year, its functions are updated to continuously offer users more ways to optimize the most critical processes within their industry. 

Course Overview

  • Introduction to the new GOM Suite 2021
  • Navigating the user interface
  • Understanding alignments
  • Actual vs. nominal comparison
  • Creating inspection elements
  • GD&T within the software
  • Creating reports


Watch the Replay!


Day 1
00:03:00 Company overview and course intro
00:13:00 Contents of the course
00:14:35 Intro to the 3D scanning process
00:22:03 What is GOM Inspect 2021?
00:23:25 New features in GOM Suite 2021
00:25:30 Getting started with the software
00:36:10 Data import
00:29:00 3D selection tools
00:45:00 Mesh editing
00:52:15 Basic alignments
00:53:40 Surface comparison
01:12:30 Inspection sections
01:19:05 Material thickness
01:24:10 Intro to report pages
01:30:40 Saving and exporting

Day 2
01:38:15 I-Inspect wheel
01:39:0 Introduction to measuring principles
01:49:22 Constructing nominal elements
02:09:51 Outer disc caliper
02:22:28 2-point distance creation
02:39:00 2D inspection: Angle
02:48:50 Surface point creation
02:55:39 RPS alignment
03:01:46 3-2-1 alignment
03:02:00 Inspection without CAD

Day 3
03:10:21 Basic GD&T creation
03:24:30 GD&T quick creation menu
03:39:30 Custom report pages
04:25:41 GOM Inspect vs. GOM Inspect Professional
04:29:10 Features of GOM Inspect Professional


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