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 3D Scanning in the Medical Manufacturing Industry



Digital Transformation for the Medical Industry 

Accurate 3D Scanning Use Cases from Product Design to Production

Broadcast on: Thursday, April 1, 2021

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From research to design and tooling to production, each stage of medical product manufacturing requires precision accuracy. Meeting regulatory compliance and quality standards while decreasing cycle times and increasing efficiency can be challenging, so companies are turning to advanced non-contact blue light 3D scanning technology to meet these goals.


In this episode of our webinar series, our experts explore how accurate 3D scanning technology and collaborative software improves manufacturing processes and opens the door to advance product development for the medical industry. This in-depth discussion covers the latest industry trends and innovative technologies available to develop and manufacture medical parts, devices, and tools. They also reveal how digitalization helps to solve challenges with inspecting and analyzing critical medical components, supporting the industry's various processes, including additive manufacturing, casting, injection molding and plastics, laser-cutting, machining, and more.


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Case studies that illustrate real-world applications of these technologies, resulting in lean manufacturing and engineering digitalization.

Plus, see the technology demonstrated in the following applications-


Product Design and Development

Using a knee guide and knee replacement implant, we’ll show you how 3D printing and 3D scanning are used for custom products to ensure patient implant success.

Quality Control 

See the measurement results from a transcatheter aortic valve’s small and intricate features used for dimensional analysis to verify geometries.

Digital Assembly Analysis

We’ll show you how to combine 3D measurement data from the various parts of a brain model into a complete assembly to analyze fit, form, function, and visualization.

Production Analysis

You’ll see examples of multi-part reference frames that allow several parts to be scanned in one measuring session to increase throughput. We’ll also demonstrate the automated inspection of plastic clamps to monitor and analyze trends during the production process to ensure parts and tooling are within specification.



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