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11 Jan 2016


Latest GOM Software V8 SR1

January 2015 - The latest V8 SR1 includes a multitude of enhancements with an intuitive user interface for 3D measurement, inspection, and automated measuring procedures.

Some of the key highlights include:


Intelligent Automatic Exposure Time for ATOS 3D Scanning

The software automatically calculates the optimal exposure time to further speed up the measurement process. Additionally, user-dependency is reduced and a higher repeatability is achieved. Depending on the complexity of the part, either manual or automated exposure times can be used: Spot metering for smaller objects with homogeneous gray value distribution, matrix metering for complex objects, or CAD metering for VMR automated applications.


Virtual Measuring Room (VMR) Optimization

The automatic generation of measurement positions was extended to curves, profiles, airfoils and complete surfaces. In addition, setting parameters automatically makes the burn-in process easier. The new template management simplifies the recombination of measurement and evaluation programs. Combined with the corresponding VMR, individual components of a measuring project can be transferred to other ATOS ScanBoxes. This enables rapid and easy measuring and analyzing of identically designed objects in different measuring machines.


GD&T Improvements

While incorporating the current applicable ISO and ASME standards, improvements to the GD&T feature have been added. The linear size delivers precise definitions of distance and diameter checks. The new TED pattern enables multiple geometries to be checked simultaneously. Additionally, the projected tolerance zones can be used to define deviations on complementary components. Furthermore, unilateral and bilateral tolerance zones are available for surface and line profiles and maximum/minimum material requirements can now be combined with datum systems. An extended dialog field for the datum system allows the combination of multiple elements to one common datum.


Airfoil Inspection Enhancements

The user-defined inspection principle of V8 SR1 significantly simplifies the workflow for multiple inspection sections. Along with the implemented profile mean line method, the software also includes the inverse approach of the skeleton line. This allows the determination of the thickness perpendicular from the camber line to the section. In addition, there are new functionalities to inspect profile edge circles and maximum profile thickness. A function for the cone-based unrolling of sections has been added and the evaluation function for a profile twist analysis has been improved. The introduction of the linked actual stacking point combines the nominal stacking point with the twist transformation, which allows a comprehensive section inspection.

Other Features Include

  • User-defined checks: Creation of individual checks
  • Curve-based evaluation: Creation of smoothed spline curves by derivation of a curvature-valued curve.
  • Point-based: Radius entry point, theoretical edge curve, point of maximum curvature and circle from curvature value. Curve-based: Radius entry curve, theoretical edge curve, surface curvature along curve
  • Construction of a touch cylinder on a point cloud
  • Construction of a touch circle, touch cylinder and touch cone
  • Expanded section functions: Construction/unrolling of cylinder-/ cone-based sections, construction of multi-sections (curve/parallel/radial) and construction of a section by circular disc and in viewing direction
  • Creation of an inspection section on actual and actual stage
  • Creation of an element group: Statistical evaluations of similar elements
  • Creation of value elements
  • VMR: Copying and transformation of measurement positions
  • Import of images, projection of image content on a mesh, creation of the subsequent image as decal
  • Generation of GOM Correlate file with auto run
  • Computational performance in the project: Automatic recalculation for visible elements
  • Direct help: Clearly arranged menu on the start page and overview/explanation of new software functions (What's new)
  • Improvements in the overview explorer: New division of subordinate categories, management of alignments and report pages in the explorer
  • Report pages: Creation of reports for multiple or single stages, positioning of labels

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