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20 Dec 2018


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Capture 3D!  

We wish you a joyous holiday season filled with happiness, warmth and prosperity.

December 19, 2018  

We’re especially grateful for our customers—your continued support and friendship made our success in 2018 possible, and we hope we did the same for you. Our team at Capture 3D and GOM had an amazing year that included releasing brand new technology, hosting our Capture 3D Innovation Conference, and continuing to do what we’re best at— providing high quality and innovative 3D measurement technology to help take your product development and manufacturing to a whole new level. We are very proud of our customers and our team this year!

Here are some of the highlights from 2018:

  • The Capture 3D family continues to grow exponentially alongside our GOM GmbH global network exceeding 1,000 team members worldwide.
  • We released not one, not two, but six new products. The ATOS 5, ATOS 5X, ScanBox BPS, CT scanner, PONTOS Live, and the redefined ATOS Compact Scan came out this year.
  • The GOM Software 2018 version was released. The update included new functionalities in the areas of inspection analysis, digital assembly, automotive car body inspection, and smart inspection.
  • Capture 3D hosted its 8th Innovation Conference & Expo in Troy, Michigan this year. Guest speakers from ADAC Automotive, BMW, GE Appliances, General Atomics, GOM, PCC, Pratt & Whitney, ReLogic Research, and Volkswagen discussed how incorporating optical non-contact 3D measurement technology improved their processes and shared strategies for success.
  • Capture 3D hosted GOM’s ATOS Technology Day in the beginning of August in Michigan. This event was focused on advanced inspection for automotive car body manufacturing and included demonstrations of body-in-white, inner trunk lid and front door measurement and augmented reality inspection, as well as examples of tooling and sheet metal solutions.
  • The global GOM Casting Workshop was held in May in Dayton, OH, hosted by Capture 3D. This event covered how optical metrology is being used in casting and foundry process chains to support and accelerate all stages in sand casting, pressure die casting and investment casting.

Upcoming News:

  • Construction has begun and our corporate office in California will be expanding into a second building. It is an exciting time as our family continues growing.
  • Capture 3D will be hosting Knowledge Day - Rethink Plastics event in MI, IL and PA from April to July as a 3D Tech Series to share information on how 3D measurement technology is changing how plastic and injection molded parts are made.

We hope to see you soon, and we’re excited to continue working together in the New Year!

Season’s Greetings and Cheers to 2019,
Your Capture 3D Team

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