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30 May 2016


New ATOS ScanBox 7 and 8 Series – Automated Precision Metrology 

May 2016 - The 7 and 8 series are the latest additions to the ATOS ScanBox family for high quality, rapid, and accurate non-contact optical automated inspection of large parts, dies, tools, and assemblies. With a measurement area for parts measuring up to 8.2 feet to 19.6 feet, the ATOS ScanBox 7 and 8 series can accurately scan complete car bodies, large heavy parts, and aerostructures. Unlike conventional systems that utilize heavy robots mounted onto huge rails, the new ATOS ScanBox models extend the working range of the ATOS scanner by introducing new robot kinematics. GOM’s 8-axis kinematics is a combination of a horizontal rail, a vertical lift and an articulated robot. This allows for flexibility in positioning the ATOS sensor. Due to the 8 degrees of freedom, parts can be measured from every perspective including car interiors. ATOS ScanBoxes are engineered to the highest quality and safety, and can be setup up quickly for a rapid ramp up. It does not require permanent installation or heavy ground construction. The ATOS ScanBox Series 7 is equipped with one robot while the Series 8 is a double robot measuring cell with the possibility of using a duplex measuring mode. Both robot-driven ATOS 3D scanners simultaneously measure precise coordinate points to rapidly inspect entire assemblies. The 7 and 8 series are configurable to further increase throughput by adding additional measuring areas.

For additional information, please email . A live demonstration will be given during the offsite facility tour at Capture 3D Innovation 2016. To watch a video, please click here.

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