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11 Jul 2016


New GOM Software 2016 for Comprehensive 3D Measurement and Analysis

July 2016 - The latest release titled, GOM Software 2016, was launched this month and offers a plethora of advancements in 3D measurement, dimensional analysis, and automated inspection functionalities. The software update includes -



Direct Import of Volume Data from CT Scanners
Industrial computed tomography (CT) scanners utilize x-ray technology to measure internal geometries without destroying the object. It is now possible to directly import native file formats derived from CT scanners into GOM Software 2016 via drag and drop to perform detailed inspection analyses. This new feature is even available with the free GOM Inspect 2016 software. CT data formats include: .vgi, .vgl, .pcr, .exv and .rek. In the past, a third party software was required to generate the STL from the volume data; however, this redundant step has been removed offering a direct import to help speed up dimensional analyses. Users can combine exterior surface scans with interior CT scans within the GOM software to comprehensively analyze an object’s complete geometry. The intuitive GOM software is able to distinguish different materials of a scanned object and displays it as separate surface meshes. Additionally, the polygonization area of the volume can be restricted to target relevant areas.



New Surface Defect Map for Verification
This new function detects small defects like dents and sink marks using the actual mesh data and displays the discrepancy in the color map. The software computes a theoretical surface for more realistic results. By comparing the nominal and actual surface inspection, the new feature allows the compensation of global curvatures.





Enhanced VMR (Virtual Measuring Room) for Automated Quality Control
With the simulation intelligence inside VMR, the GOM Software 2016 can automatically generate photogrammetry measurement positions without the need for manual teaching. This enhancement coupled with the improved automatic path planning for 3D scanning allows for precise and optimized robotic positions for tight areas such as car body interiors. Additionally, it is now possible to transfer completed measuring programs from one ATOS ScanBox to another so that robot paths stay validated and can be reused instantly. Lastly, the free GOM Inspect software has been upgraded with the ability to view and play the simulated robotic measurement routine generated from VMR.



Additional Software Features

  • New CAD converter: Extended import of Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI) for the automatic generation of measurement plans
  • Extended checks: Extraction of values from surface analyses along sections and curves, plausibility checks for measuring principles
  • GD&T inspections on GOM Touch Probe elements and on point-based fitting elements
  • Addition of the bonus tolerance to the tolerance of a GD&T check
  • New referencing concept for car bodies in VMR: Robogrammetry with new reference cubes
  • Customizable 3D toolbar: Easy and fast access to favorite commands
  • Improvements in the explorer: Search box to filter elements, new section for chosen elements in the sub-explorer, handling of stage ranges
  • Two new user interface themes for different work environments
  • … and much more.


Quick software walk-through videos on new features in GOM Software 2016 -

What’s new in GOM Software 2016 for 3D metrology and VMR –

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