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13 Apr 2015


New Scripting with ATOS Courses

April 2015 - Further improve speed and throughput with the utilization of scripting inside ATOS.

We are excited to announce 2 new training courses-

Intro to Scripting with ATOS - Basic understanding of programming principles.  Ability to create basic macros to help further speed up time and optimize scanning and inspection routines.

  • Introduction to Python (1/2 day)
    I. Printing Results
    II. Data Types
    III. Mathematic Formulas
    IV. Basic Loops

  • Python in ATOS (1/2 day)
    I. Recording Commands
    II. Exporting Functions
    III. Dialog Boxes


Intermediate Scripting with ATOS - Learn Python intermediate techniques to further optimize and automate dimensional measurement routines in ATOS.  ATOS system with automation preferred.

  • Day 1
    I. Intro to Python Review
    II. Lists and Loops
    III. Functions
    IV. File Handling

  • Day 2
    I. Dialog Boxes
    II. File Handling
    III. Dialog Event Handling
    IV. Intro to Kiosk Interface


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