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Accurate blue light 3D scanners and photogrammetry solutions for precise and fast industrial non-contact 3D measurement and inspection. 

ATOS Triple Scan High Precision Blue Light 3D Scanner

Category: ATOS 3D Scanners

ATOS Triple Scan - Revolutionary Innovative Precision Metrology for Very Small to Extra Large Objects In 2015, out of 51 entries, Capture 3D was awarded the winner of the GE Aviation High Accuracy, High Throughput Inspection Technologies Challenge: “3 minutes or less with accuracy of 10 microns and repeatability of 5 microns.” Non-contact structured light metrology at its finest. The ATOS Triple Scan uses advanced measuring and projection technology to produce high quality data and precision accuracy with improved measurement of shiny surfaces as well as complete data on complex components with deep pockets or fine edges such as turbine blades. The Triple Scan functionality reduces the number of individual scans resulting in faster measurement times with high detailed feature capture for various part sizes, surfaces, finishes, and geometries, regardless of environmental lighting conditions. For more information, please visit -

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