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Accurate blue light 3D scanners and photogrammetry solutions for precise and fast industrial non-contact 3D measurement and inspection. 

ATOS Core ScanPort - 3 Motorized and 3 Manual Axes Solution for Automated 3D Scanning and Inspection

The ATOS Core ScanPort is an industrial high quality desktop solution for small object scanning and/or inspection of cast and plastic parts, prototypes, and electrodes that range up to 200mm in diameter. The ATOS Core sensor is architected using structured blue light technology to quickly obtain a physical object’s surface geometry digitally. After each scan, the software automatically aligns each measurement to build an accurate 3D virtual representation of the object. The ScanPort integration has three-motorized and three-manual axes (3x3) that allows for simplified automatic rotation with a joystick, tilt and linear axis. The solution features an Eccentric Plate which can be repositioned to adjust the center point allowing for greater part diversity. The ATOS Core ScanPort is plug-n-play ready and available for all of GOM’s Software packages. It provides functionality from simple 3D scanning for 3D printing, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, and comprehensive inspection analysis.

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