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Accurate blue light 3D scanners and photogrammetry solutions for precise and fast industrial non-contact 3D measurement and inspection. 

ATOS MCXL Automated Multi-Axis Touch Screen Precision Inspection

Capture 3D Scanner - ATOS MCXL Plug and Scan- Easy to setup and does not require specialized CMM programming skills. Designed and engineered by Capture 3D, the MC-XL is a multi-axis motion control system utilized for fully automating ATOS 3D scanning and dimensional analysis. The MC-XL is built with high quality industrial components utilizing precision servo motors and stages. It is integrated with the finest engineering motion devices that are quiet enough for office or lab settings, yet ruggedized for industrial environments. With a center weight payload of up to 480 lbs, it is the ideal solution for accurately measuring and inspecting small to mid-sized parts (for larger parts, please refer to our Robotic solutions). The MC-XL requires minimal supervision and can be easily plugged into a standard 110V. Advantages of MC-XL Automation Throughput - Increase the number of parts scanned per hour to maximize ATOS investment. By recording the measurement plan, the system is able to repeat the process over and over much quicker than a non-automated workflow. Repeatability - Measure each part in precisely the same way by using the repetitive process of the machine, eliminating the variability of different operators. Process Integrity - The intelligent ATOS software seamlessly integrates with the advanced hardware and provides quality checks on each measurement to ensure process integrity. Productivity - Allow your human assets to be more productive by analyzing results rather than completing monotonous tasks better suited for machines. More Comprehensive Inspections - Having full part dimensional analysis data allows for faster decision making and easier root cause analysis. Trend Analysis - Start tracking part quality trends to better understand your process while preventing future manufacturing issues. For more information, please visit -

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