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Accurate blue light 3D scanners and photogrammetry solutions for precise and fast industrial non-contact 3D measurement and inspection. 

GOM Software 2016 - Import of Volume Data from CT Scanners

Industrial computed tomography (CT) scanners utilize x-ray technology to measure internal geometries without destroying the object. It is now possible to directly import native file formats derived from CT scanners into GOM Software 2016 via drag and drop to perform detailed inspection analyses. This new feature is even available with the free GOM Inspect 2016 software. CT data formats include: *.vgi, *.vgl, *.pcr, *.exv and *.rek. In the past, a third party software was required to generate the STL from the volume data; however, this redundant step has been removed offering a direct import to help speed up dimensional analyses. Users can combine exterior surface scans with interior CT scans to comprehensively analyze an object’s complete geometry. The intuitive GOM Software is able to distinguish different materials of a scanned object and displays it as separate surface meshes. Additionally, the polygonization area of the volume can be restricted to target relevant areas.

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