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Innovative Precision Metrology Solutions
Capture 3D is committed to the support and success of our customers.  Founded in 1997, we are a leader in high quality, accurate and fast non-contact 3D metrology solutions for rapid and quantifiable process improvement.

Blue Light 3D Scanners - Accurate and Fast


The ATOS series of high quality industrial non-contact structured blue light 3D scanners provide precision scans with detailed resolution at high speeds.  ATOS is engineered with advanced hardware and intelligent software for repeatable accurate measurements with flexibility and process reliability.

3D Software for 3D Scanning, Inspection, and Automation


Once daunting metrology tasks that took days to measure and inspect are now taking hours.  Those cumbersome and difficult to interrogate spreadsheet type inspection reports can be complimented with quick 3D color/coordinate maps to see surrounding areas instead of pre-programmed points.

ATOS 3D Scanner for Automated Inspection


Companies realizing the benefits of ATOS accurate and rapid 3D scanning are further optimizing their manufacturing and production processes by advancing to automation.  Increase productivity, speed up dimensional analysis, and improve time to market without slowing down operations.   

After an extensive evaluation of competitive systems, we have implemented over a dozen ATOS Scanning systems at 9 of our manufacturing sites. We ...
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Pratt & Whitney
We have spent significant time testing artifacts and comparing with traditional methods to prove out the entire process. We have certified the ATOS ...
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Optical 3D coordinate measuring technology from GOM is used for quality assurance in design and tool-making departments, press shops, car body shops ...
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Motorola utilized the extensive Six Sigma DMAIC process to benchmark tactile measurement systems, laser scanners and numerous white light scanners. ...
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The primary goal in obtaining an optical sensor was for speeding up our problem resolution time. This adequately did the job while other projects ...
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Since our initial installation in 1998, Ford Motor Company has been a long time satisfied customer of Capture 3D. Through extensive benchmarking ...
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Fisher Price
We were tasked by management with an aggressive goal to transform our Design to Tool Building process to all Digital. Our research lead us to choose ...
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Capture 3D’s ATOS Triple Scan and TRITOP systems, have become an integral part of our engineering processes. After benchmarking other technologies, ...
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Through our evaluations, we determined that the ATOS system provides better accuracies than Laser Scanners and with the organic shapes of Turbine ...
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We invited various scanning companies to benchmark their technologies. Based on the results we decided to move forward with Capture 3D. The ATOS ...
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Chicago Mold
In our benchmarking process, we looked at various technologies, such as laser and white light scanners, we found that the ATOS was the only system ...
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In 2007 we purchased the Capture 3D ATOS I SO system, and since then it has virtually paid for itself and improved several aspects of our business. ...
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ETS Power Group
We have been using the ATOS system since 2004 and have been extremely impressed with the reliability of the equipment. Often times we have run two ...
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The group-wide rollout of the GOM Inspect software is due to start soon at the pilot plants in Oelde and Bünde, before it will be implemented at ...
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BJB Enterprises
Full-field measuring data from CT in conjunction with programmable inspection report creation in GOM Inspect Professional has reduced the tool ...
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Kraus & Naimer
We use GOM Inspect in two departments in our enterprise – in development inspection and production. In development inspection, GOM Inspect is ...
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Vald. Birn A/S uses two GOM Inspect Professional licenses for measurement and quality control of production samples from our foundry. We have ...
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ATOS ScanBox 8 Series robotic inspection workflow of automotive body in white.  Rapid and high accuracy automation of photogrammetry, 3D scanning, and dimensional analysis processes utilizing intelligent leading-edge technology.  


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