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3D Metrology Solutions Newsletter
07/09 Capture 3D Plastics and Injection Mold Workshop in Portland, Oregon
07/10 Capture 3D Casting and Forging Workshop in Portland, Oregon
07/15 NASA In Space Inspection Workshop, JSC, Houston, Texas
07/21 CMSC, Booth 309 and 311, in North Charleston, South Carolina
09/08 IMTS, Booth E-5368, in Chicago, Illinois
10/01 Boeing Tech Fair, Seattle, Washington



Optical Non-Contact Metrology Solutions - 3D Scanners, Structured Light Metrology Systems, Photogrammetry, Inspection Software, Automation and Robotics
Capture 3D Innovation is our User’s Conference that occurs every 2 years. This year it will be at the Hilton Hotel in Costa Mesa, California on October 14-16, 2014. This is a specialized event geared for quality and manufacturing executives, managers, and engineers focusing on continuing process improvement through optical non-contact metrology. Read the most recent update here.
Capture 3D Innovation 2014

Updated 08/14/2014 in alphabetical order:

  • Advanced Simulation Technology, Inc.- Techniques in Reverse Engineering and Redesigning a Diesel Cylinder Engine for the Mining Industry, and How to Handle Large Amounts of Scan Data
  • Alcoa - Robotic Production Inspection of Ceramic Components using the ATOS Triple Scan
  • Capture 3D/GOM- Forward Thinking 3D Metrology for Quantifiable Results
  • Capture 3D/GOM- New V8 Software Release – Emerging Metrology Technologies
  • Capture 3D/GOM- Advancing Automation for Increased Productivity, Higher Throughput, and Repeatability
  • Capture 3D/GOM - Measurement System Analysis – Gage R&R, Accuracy, and Bias Studies
  • Delcam Professional Services- Adaptive Machining to Optimize Aerospace and Medical Processes Using ATOS for High Resolution 3D Scanning and Dimensional Analysis
  • GE Power and Water – ScanBox industrialization through a series of MVP’s & RP methods
  • Honeywell- 3D Scanning and Inspection: Interesting Examples from the Turbine Engine Industry
  • Military – R&D with Optical Metrology: Integration of ATOS Triple scan into target virtualization, design modification, reverse engineering of foreign weapon systems, and scanning/manufacturing iterative process for fabricating tight tolerance hardware.
  • Motorola - RP Process Improvement Systems and CAV Applications
  • Shape Fidelity- TBA – Digital Tooling for Aerospace Manufacturing
  • Solar Turbines- Airfoil Reverse Engineering Techniques using 3D Scanning and 3D Printing
  • SRAM- Optical Measurement in R&D for Forgings – How Optical Metrology can Efficiently Support the Pre-Production Development Process
  • Toyota- Implementing Automated ATOS Inspection for Stamping Dies and Panels
  • Trilion- Optical Full-Field 3D Deformation, Dynamic Strain & Material Testing Analysis


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07/2014 New Office in Charlotte, North Carolina
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