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Injection Molding

Braun: Images replace numbers - Quality assurance of plastic parts with 3D measurement

Measuring Systems: ATOS

Keywords: Consumer goods, shape and dimension analysis of plastic parts, optical 3D measurement, mold try-out, first article inspection, warpage & shrinkage analysis, sink marks

Since Braun introduced optical measuring systems to its quality assurance process, first article inspection has been accelerated significantly. The product portfolio of Braun in Germany, a Procter & Gamble subsidiary, includes electric razors, epilators and hair and dental care appliances under well-known brands such as Gillette and Oral-B. In the past, inspection of parts was based on elements from drawings and thus highly work-intensive. However, full-field part inspection was not possible. The company therefore opted to migrate to optical metrology. Today, Braun uses the ATOS 3D digitizer in conjunction with the GOM inspection software.

Braun Quality Assurance with ATOS


Quality Control of Injection-Molded Parts

Measuring Systems: ATOS

Keywords:  Optical 3D measuring technology, mold try-out, first article inspection, form and dimension inspection of plastic parts, production control, warpage & shrinkage analysis, material thickness inspection, geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T)

The ATOS 3D scanner, measuring full-field surfaces, is used in the injection-molding and plastic-processing industry all over the world for shape and dimension inspection. The evaluation of injection-molded parts using the 3D full-field color deviation plot is considerably faster and more efficient compared to conventional measuring methods. In particular, warpage and shrinkage of parts are quickly and clearly displayed speeding up mold try-out and production control.

Computer Aided Verification of Mobile Phone Components

Measuring Systems: ATOS

Keywords: Time to market, clips and surfaces

This first article dimensional inspection defines the start of the production and is the benchmark for the quality of the parts produced in volumes. Therefore, it is a very critical process for both the supplier and the ordering party just before the mass production starts and the new model will be released to the market.

3D Digitizing of a Die-Cast Mold for a Protective Mask

Measuring Systems: ATOS, TRITOP

Keywords: Assemblies, Tools and parts

The protective mask consists of a single part with integrated fixings, sealing membranes and filter supports. This requires a very complex die-cast mold. The 3D data of the entire tool including all inserts have to be recorded in the workshop next to the injection press during an intended maintenance period of 5 hours.

Quality control of injection molded parts

Measuring Systems: ATOS

Keywords: High resolution, smallest details

Today innovative companies are utilizing digitizers to speed up the first article inspection process and minimize the effort needed to confirm the product quality.

Quality control in plastic blow molding

Measuring Systems: ATOS

Keywords: Heat treatment, blow molding, inspection

Fuel tanks for cars are typically manufactured using plastic blow molding. To verify the production parameters and optimize the production, the digitizer ATOS II was used.