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ATOS II Triple Scan

ATOS II is the high-end digitizer for demanding measuring tasks.

Its high performance, the high detail resolution and the available measuring volumes allow efficient and precise measurements in quality control and fast digitizing in design. ATOS II provides for an easy automation and efficient digitizing in industrial applications.

System Configuration ATOS II Triple Scan
Camera Pixels 2 x 5,000,000
Measuring Area (mm²) 38 x 29 - 1500 x 1130
Point Spacing (mm) 0.02 - 0.62
Working Distance (mm) 490 - 2000
Blue Light Technology Yes
Triple Scan Capability Yes
Sensor Controller Integrated
Part Positioning Manual or Automatic Rotation Table
Image Processing Computer Laptop or High-End PC
Software ATOS Professional- data capture, processing, and complete inspection
Material & Part Finish Measurement of shiny, dark surfaces, and complex component geometries
Ambient Lighting Low sensitivity to environment lighting conditions
Environmental Vibrations Unaffected due to GOM's dynamic referencing system
Operating Temperature 5 - 40C, non-condensing
Power Supply 90 - 230 V AV