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Read about the latest news about Capture 3D.  

December 2016 -  Process chain optimization workshops on GOM 3D metrology for Sheet Metal inspection will be held from Asia to America. A network of GOM experts will share their expertise on processes and metrology in quality assurance all over the world.

July 2016 - Our July newsletter has been published.  Each quarter we highlight metrology case studies, features, and upcoming events.

July 2016 - The Capture 3D Farmington Hills, Michigan facility has just completed its expansion and renovation to support the growing demands for our high precision 3D metrology automated solutions. During the Capture 3D Innovation Conference, guests will be taken on a tour to view the new Automated Solutions Center that will showcase the next generation of automated non-contact 3D inspection technologies.

July 2016 - The latest release titled, GOM Software 2016, was launched this month and offers a plethora of advancements in 3D measurement, dimensional analysis, and automated inspection functionalities.

June 2016 - 1 month away!  Guest speakers finalized and hotel block is almost sold out.  Learn how innovative 3D metrology technology is advancing product development and manufacturing. Gain an in-depth understanding of process optimization, refine existing knowledge, learn new techniques, and collaborate with like-minded professionals.

June 26, 2016 - Our web server has been upgraded to manage the increased bandwidth of visitors.

May 2016 - The 7 and 8 series are the latest additions to the ATOS ScanBox family for high quality, rapid, and accurate non-contact optical automated inspection of large parts, dies, tools, and assemblies.

April 2016 - Our April newsletter has been published.  Each quarter we highlight metrology case studies, features, and upcoming events.

January 2015 - Training courses for ATOS 3D scanning, TRITOP photogrammetry, inspection software, sheet metal inspection, airfoil inspection, and scripting have been posted for 2016.

January 2015 - The latest V8 SR1 includes a multitude of enhancements with an intuitive user interface for 3D measurement, inspection, and automated measuring procedures.

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