Innovative 3D Measurement Technology

Blue Light 3D Scanners - Accurate and Fast

ATOS Blue Light 3D Scanners

Starting at $33,450, the ATOS series of high quality industrial non-contact structured blue light 3D scanners provide precision scans with detailed resolution at high speeds.  ATOS is engineered with advanced hardware and intelligent software for repeatable accurate measurements with flexibility and process reliability.

3D Software for 3D Scanning, Inspection, and Automation

Intelligent 3D Software

Once daunting metrology tasks that took days to measure and inspect are now taking hours.  Those cumbersome and difficult to interrogate spreadsheet type inspection reports can be complimented with quick 3D color/coordinate maps to see surrounding areas instead of pre-programmed points. 

ATOS 3D Scanner for Automated Inspection

Robotic Inspection

Companies realizing the benefits of ATOS accurate and rapid 3D scanning are further optimizing their manufacturing and production processes by advancing to automation.  Increase productivity, speed up dimensional analysis, and improve time to market without slowing down operations.   

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Game Changer in Manufacturing

ATOS 3D scanning technology is changing the world of product development, quality control, and manufacturing by providing cutting-edge engineering solutions to industries all over the world.  Request for a live demonstration today.  



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