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ATOS Q Tech Review: High-Precision Industrial Blue Light 3D Scanner




ATOS Q is a compact, metrology-grade blue light 3D scanner. ATOS is an abbreviation for advanced topometric optical sensor, and the Q stands for Quality. The ATOS Q is a lightweight, portable, accurate 3D digitizing solution for measuring small to medium-sized objects. Engineered to quickly deliver high-resolution data within its sleek, compact design, the ATOS Q is a versatile solution that gives you powerful features like the ATOS 5 while setting a new lower price-per-performance benchmark in the industry.

ATOS Q offers a variety of configurations and software options, which means that as your needs grow, the "Q" is there to grow with you. You can easily upgrade the software, add a ZEISS ScanCobot, or even add it to a Scanbox 4105 for a fully automated 3D scanning solution when you're ready.

atos q blue light 3d scanner for small to medium sized parts
Whether you're reverse engineering or performing critical inspections, the ATOS Q is the optimal solution for small to medium-sized parts, especially if they have hard-to-reach features.

How Does the ATOS Q Blue Light 3D Scanner Work?

Based on the principles of triangulation, the sensor projects a powerful blue LED fringe pattern across the part's surface. Two high-quality cameras capture the surface geometry as the ATOS signature pattern shifts, quickly calculating millions of precise XYZ data points that get processed into a dense point cloud for a detailed digital twin of the object.

How accurate is ATOS Q? Accuracy depends on the part and the measuring volume used, but the ATOS Q can achieve single-digit micron accuracy when its smaller volumes are used.
The ATOS Q has a special feature called "Triple Scan" functionality, which captures data from three sources - the left camera, the right camera, and a combination of both.
This method enables the sensor to capture complex shapes, intricate features, and freeform surfaces, giving you clean, crisp and accurate data.

ATOS Q Configurations and Applications

A popular configuration with our customers is the ATOS Q configured with a laptop, lightweight rotary stage and carbon fiber tripod. The great thing about this setup is that the entire system fits into a protective, travel-friendly sensor case and mobile controller case, making it easy to bring your quality lab with you anywhere you want to work. You also have the option of choosing a desktop stand for small parts, an industrial camera stand, or semi-automated and fully automated configurations.

atos q high-precision industrial accurate blue light 3d scanner
The ATOS Q is an excellent choice for quality assurance on plastics, cast, and sheet metal parts. It's also a cost-effective 3D scanner for reverse engineering and 3D printing tasks.

Why is ATOS Q One of the Best Industrial 3D Scanners?

Here are some of the highlights that make the ATOS Q capable of delivering industrial reliability and results every day:

- Dual high-tech cameras that reliably capture data quickly, even in the harshest conditions

- Industrial housing on each of the lenses

- Interchangeable measuring volumes ranging from 100 millimeters to 500 millimeters— simply twist to change

- Each volume comes certified with VDI acceptance test documentation

- Lightweight and compact: less than nine pounds, making it easy to move wherever you need to measure

- High-speed fiber optic cable for fast data processing

- Blue light equalizer projects a high-speed fringe pattern that achieves short measuring times even on hard-to-measure surfaces

- High-resolution, precise coverage on complex geometries and minimal noise levels

- Self-monitoring system automatically detects sensor calibration and unwanted movement in real time

- Industrial housing with protected optics provides traceable results even under harsh conditions

These features make ATOS Q the most powerful, portable and user-friendly metrology solution in this price range, delivering results you can rely on.

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