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Quality 4.0 Dimensional Inspection & Quality Assurance Applications

Having a robust inspection process to improve quality control is critical in today’s world of manufacturing. With accurate 3D scanning and inspection analysis, companies can reduce iterations/tuning loops and quickly derive the proper corrective action without slowing down their time-to-market goals. The faster this information is given, the faster the decisions and modifications can be made. ZEISS INSPECT Optical 3D is a powerful evaluation tool that allows users to quickly inspect CAD, 2D drawings, and/or multiple parts with a multitude of features (i.e., Trend, SPC, GD&T, etc.). The software also features optimized workflows dedicated to specific industries, such as, sheet metal, castings (small and large), turbine blades, injection molding, clay design, and more. It offers traditional CMM-type reports and full 3D color maps, so users can instantly see where the part is in and out of tolerance. This analysis can be shared throughout the company, with vendors and/or customers, by simply using the free viewer. This promotes efficient communication throughout various channels within an organization.

how a 3d scanner works


In simplest terms, 3D scanners measure the geometries of a physical part to bring it into the digital world. The data output is typically a point-cloud represented in STL (stereolithography) file format. This data is used throughout the design to manufacturing product life cycle for various applications: creating a CAD model, inspection analysis, reverse engineering, CFD/FEA analysis, rapid prototyping, and more. 


Sample ATOS Inspection Report

ZEISS INSPECT comes with a plethora of inspection functionality including features targeted for industry-specific applications such as turbine blade/airfoil inspection, sheet metal inspection, casting/forging analysis, etc.  Below is a sample inspection report from the software.  

If you would like to see one that is pertinent to your industry, please contact us.

 Quality 4.0 sample dimensional inspection report from 3D scanner


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