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ATOS Q | Accurate 3D Scanner

The New Benchmark for Quality, Price and Performance

Quality starts with a Q.  An ATOS Q. A powerful portable 3D scanner that acquires high-definition and precise, three-dimensional scans of various objects ranging from small to medium-sized parts across diverse industries. It features interchangeable measuring lenses for flexibility and a sleek, modern design for portability.




Accurate 3D scanner with blue LED technology
Fast ATOS Triple Scan functionality
High-definition, accurate, compact, and reliable
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Designed for industrial use, the ATOS Q is engineered with 8 million or 12 million points per scan (PPS), a bright Blue LED Light Equalizer, and Triple Scan technology, reducing the number of individual scans needed and accelerating measurement time, even on complex parts. It also features a fiber-optic connection to enable rapid data transmission, an intelligent self-monitoring calibration system, and active temperature management.

The ATOS Q captures millions of accurate points through quick scansgenerating anaccurate digital twin of parts, components, assemblies, tooling, and molds. Its sleek, compact design makes it an ideal engineering solution for dimensional inspection, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, CFD/FEA analysis, digital assembly, and other manufacturing processes.



Complete with features curated to satisfy the increasing demand for accurate metrology-grade 3D scanning solutions,the ATOS Q provides high-precision measurement results with the unmatched quality you expect from an ATOS. 



Portable 3D Scanner

3D Scanning Technology

Automated 3D Scanner

ATOS design

ATOS Q is specifically developed for industrial use and delivers accurate and repeatable measurement results—even under harsh conditions. The components and electronics of this robust optical 3D sensor are dustproof and splashproof, making all ATOS Q sensors ideally suited for both the measuring lab and the shop floor. 

ATOS technology

ATOS Q draws upon proven ATOS technology, including the Triple Scan Principle, the Blue Light Equalizer, and active temperature management.  The Blue Light Equalizer increases the brightness of the light source generating a brighter uniform, speckle-free light.  Since you can practically scan anywhere with the ATOS Q, the active temperature managements helps monitor conditions. 

ATOS performance

ATOS Q features high-speed fringe projection to fast data processing and high data throughputATOS Q is ideal for all industrieswith measurement needs during product development, quality control, near-line and in-line productionand beyond. Versatility makes the ATOS Q an ideal engineering solution.


Blue Light LED Equalizer Technology

Increases the brightness of the light source generating a brighter uniform, speckle-free light. Precise fringe patterns are projected onto the surface of the object and are captured by two cameras based on the stereo camera principle. GOM’s projection technology works with narrow-band blue light, which means that interfering ambient light can be filtered out during image acquisition.This fringe projection technique enables the fast collection of precise data.


Blue Light 3D Scanner


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Versatile – ATOS Q rises to the challenge

The system can be configured with a tripod, industrial camera stand, desktop stand, or fully automated with the ScanBox 4105. It is also easily integrated with rotation tables or the tilt and swivel for semi-automated applications.  Like all other ATOS 3D scanners, this solution meets high metrological requirements and is supported by the latest software GOM Inspect Suite.


 Portable 3D Scanner



With a weight of only 4 kg and its compact design, ATOS Q is light and can be easily moved. It can be used on a tripod or a desktop stand in the measuring room but also mobile in production with various industrial camera stand options.




Accurate 3D Scanner




Configuration versatility allows ATOS Q to be integrated with rotary stages, like the GOM USB Rot 350 (pictured), or with the Tilt and Swivel desktop semi-automated solution to offer robotic axis movement.




Robotic 3D Scanner




High throughput and productivity. ATOS Q can by automated with ScanBox 4105. Easy to use with the Virtual Measuring Room software for offline and online automated programming by importing CAD.




One series, two versions

ATOS Q is available in the 12M and 8M versions. The sensors capture up to 2 × 12 million or 2 × 8 million coordinate points per scan. It has five different, interchangeable measuring volumes from 100 x 70 mm2 to 500 x 370 mm2.  






Light source



Points per scan

8 million

12 million

Measuring area [mm²]

100 × 70 – 500 × 370

100 × 70 – 500 × 370

Point distance [mm]

0.04 – 0.15

0.03 – 0.12

Working distance [mm]




approx. 4 kg

approx. 4 kg


approx. 340 mm x 240 mm x 83 mm

approx. 340 mm x 240 mm x 83 mm

Cable length

10 m fiber optic cable

10 m fiber optic cable

Operating system

Windows 10

Windows 10

Measuring volumes

100, 170, 270, 350, 500

100, 170, 270, 350, 500



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