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ATOS Plus - Integrating photogrammetry with 3D scanning for fast and accurate part inspection ATOS Plus (Add-on)

Integrate and Automate Photogrammetry with ATOS 3D Scanning for High Precision and Rapid Product Inspection Applications

ATOS Plus intuitively integrates photogrammetry with ATOS sensors to further advance automation, dimensional inspection analysis, verification, and process safety with a touch of a button. This dynamic combination enhances measurement accuracy and repeatability and eliminates the need for costly precise fixtures. It streamlines the entire measurement process while decreasing the overall project time. With just the press of a button, ATOS automatically performs photogrammetry, 3D scanning, and inspection delivering accurate and rapid results. The built-in faceted illumination provides uniform lighting regardless of measurement area or environmental conditions. All ATOS Plus sensors are verified and certified according to VDI acceptance tests.

ATOS Plus features a high-resolution 45-megapixel camera. With ATOS Plus, a complete optimized, automated inspection process can be achieved:

    • Precision accuracy with fast speed
    • Process safety over long periods
    • Higher repeatability and reliability
    • Time-saving
    • Reduced costs of fixturing

The ATOS Plus solution integrates into GOM's existing digitizing and inspection solutions. The Plus Box allows high accuracy, automated photogrammetry, and extends ATOS sensor heads.

High-resolution photogrammetry camera

The photogrammetry camera delivers 45-megapixel resolution capturing high accuracy reference points.  The high-resolution sensor and special optics enable large measurement areas of up to 3m with short stand-off distances.


Process safety over long periods

The accuracy of fixtures can be affected by a number of external factors, including temperature and mechanical influences, bumps and collisions as well as changes in the position of fixtures and parts in the course of time. ATOS Plus detects these changes automatically and triggers a new photogrammetry measurement.

ATOS Core Kinematics with ATOS Plus for automated photogrammetry, 3D scanning, and inspection.

Higher repeatability and reliability

The Plus Box uses specially developed GOM optics and proprietary lens ensuring high imaging stability and measuring accuracy.  All Plus Boxes are verified and certified according to VDI acceptance tests.

ATOS Plus Integrated Photogrammetry for ATOS Automation


Complete integration into automated processes without manual intervention.

    • Reducing the number of measurements
    • Optimized positioning of images, resulting in an optimal image bundle
    • Improved distribution of reference points and scales


ATOS Triple Scan with ATOS Plus for automated photogrammetry, 3D scanning, and inspection

Reduced costs of fixturing

Fixtures and reference frames ensure that parts and components remain stable and fixed during the entire measurement process. ATOS Plus opens new possibilities for fixturing:

    • Manufacture of lighter, simple, and/or flexible fixtures by using low-cost materials 
    • Construction kit principle: Fixtures are custom-built from a central pool of fixture parts
    • Fixtures can be assembled around large or complex parts and components
    • Fixtures can be reused for similar parts fitting within the frame
 ATOS Plus Integrated Photogrammetry for ATOS Automation

Technical Data

 ATOS Plus 45M is fully integrated into GOM's existing digitizing and inspection solutions, including GOM Inspect Professional software, which provides direct control in the traceable software. ATOS Plus 45M sensors are tested with reference to the VDI/VDE 2634 guideline and can be easily mounted onto various ATOS sensors. 

ATOS Plus 45M photogrammetry

High-resolution photogrammetry camera 3d scanner atos 5x with atos plus 45m photogrammetry

With a resolution of up to 45 megapixels, the built-in photogrammetry camera measures reference points with high accuracy. ATOS Plus 45M has an integrated dual reflector that ensures uniform illumination regardless of the measuring area.



ATOS Plus 45M automated photogrammetry

Large measuring area

The high-resolution sensor and the special optics enable a large measuring area of up to 3 meters with a short measuring distance. The optics and projector lens of the ATOS Plus 45M are developed to ensure high image stabilization and measurement accuracy.




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