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Casting & Forging

Case Studies

Learn how casting and forging companies are using accurate structured blue light 3D scanners, comprehensive inspection software, photogrammetry technology, and/or automation to improve manufacturing processes with rapid precision measurements

ACTech was established in 1995 and offers development, design and improvement of castings, production of fully functional, and full-machined prototype castings for development purposes.  This presentation will cover the uses of ATOS in the manufacturing of their casting products from development to production.  

This paper will highlight the use of scanning technology to aid in rapidly developing new patterns of a tamper casting used by the railroad industry. A procedure for efficiently integrating scanned data with CAD model development to validate the design intent and meet short production schedules will be presented.

With a CMM comparison to ATOS, Brembo explains the benefits of using the ATOS 3D scanner in their engineering processes for quality control inspection, first article inspection, 3d machining, production, prototype tests, assembly checks, incoming inspection and failure tests.  

This presentation describes Honeywell's implementation of ATOS for inspection of turbine engine components as well as a CMM comparison.  

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is part of Doosan Group - the oldest and one of the most successful conglomerates in Korea.  Doosan Group is active in engineering and manufacturing of power plants, industrial facilities, desalination, engines, construction and construction equipment.  This presentation will cover their ATOS and TRITOP usage for 3D scanning and coordinate measuring for reverse engineering projects.  

Already before the first article inspection (FAI) of the casting, 3-D shape and dimensional analyses provide reliable information for quality control and targeted process optimization. Foundries and forging shops the world over use the ATOS 3-D digitizer from GOM mbH, Braunschweig/Germany, for surface measurements in shape and dimensional control of patterns, sand cores and castings. GOM also offers inspection software, training and support – all from a single source. Longstanding users above all appreciate GOM´s integrated solutions of non-contact and tactile measuring within one system.

For more than 60 years, ship propellers from MMG have been setting new standards – in size, quality and efficiency. The key to our success are propellers that perfectly match the vessel, its engine and the purpose of the ship.  This presentation will cover how MMG is utilizing ATOS and TRITOP for the scanning and inspection of large propellers.  

This presentation describes Solar Turbine's integration of ATOS from 2006 to 2014 incorporating automation for higher repeatability, throughput, and productivity for a variety of engineering applications requiring precision metrology.  

This presentation displays examples from Sulzer for airfoil and casting applications using TRITOP photogrammetry and ATOS 3D scanning.  

A travel into the die-casting and metallization technologies of aluminium die-cast reflectors for the automotive lighting industry- fog lamps, head lamps, heat dissipators, containers for electronics and steering wheel control housings.  Tecnomeccanica manufacturings approximately 6.5 million of these parts every year.  

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