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3D Software

3D Software for Quality 4.0 

3D metrology software architected to solve complex engineering tasks accurately and rapidly with comprehensive reporting functionality.  With the world of 3D data capture almost at the speed of light, having the right complementing software to process and interpret the data points is crucial for process optimization.  Once daunting metrology tasks that took days to measure and inspect are now taking hours.  Those cumbersome and difficult to interrogate spreadsheet type inspection reports can be complimented with quick 3D color/coordinate maps to see surrounding areas instead of pre-programmed points. Engineers can interact virtually in three-dimensions to see what is truly happening and make informed decisions faster. Therefore, time is more efficiently spent on addressing the problems rather than trying to figure out what the problem is.   

Our software is independently tested and certified by German and American national measurement laboratories (PTB and NIST). The accuracy of the evaluation software is verified by comparing the results obtained from the software with reference results and has been placed in class 1, the class of the smallest deviations.

GOM Inspect is free mesh processing and inspection software for dimensional analysis of 3D point clouds from white light scanners, laser scanners, CTs and other sources.  This software is entirely free to use and results can be shared amongst departments, vendors, and/or with customers for faster communication to help speed…
GOM Inspect Professional takes Free GOM Inspect software to a new level.  It advances dimensional analysis of 3D point clouds with a plethora of intelligent functionalities featuring point cloud editing, parametric inspection, traceable evaluation, comprehensive reporting and much more.  This standalone software works with other measurement systems (i.e. white light/structured…
Comprehensive software for ATOS 3D scanners.  ATOS Professional includes all of the features of GOM Inspect Professional plus more.  ATOS 3D scanning systems are engineered with advanced high-tech hardware coupled with intelligent software to offer a complete 3D metrology solution.  ATOS Professional is created with intelligent software algorithms and in-depth…
TRITOP Professional software is used to analyze the high-resolution images produced by the TRITOP measurement system. Features such as reference points, contrast lines and adapters are determined quickly and accurately, and displayed in the software including the calculated 3D coordinates.
The Virtual Measuring Room (VMR) has become an indispensable tool for automated non-contact 3D metrology. GOM offers an additional VMR software module based on ATOS Professional software. With VMR, the user only has one single button necessary for complex measuring cell programming. This guarantees high functionality and reduced complexity. In…
Virtual Clamping in GOM Software simulates the clamping of parts and allows the user to compute the clamped state using the data of the real part in free state. This step is fully integrated into the GOM workflow and executed within the familiar GOM software interface.
A changing customer manufacturing and metrology environment has led GOM to identify a number of critical software areas which could lead to significant process efficiencies and integrity improvements.
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