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Power Generation

Case Studies

Learn how power generation companies are using accurate structured blue light 3D scanners, comprehensive inspection software, photogrammetry technology, and/or automation to improve manufacturing processes with rapid precision measurements

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is part of Doosan Group - the oldest and one of the most successful conglomerates in Korea.  Doosan Group is active in engineering and manufacturing of power plants, industrial facilities, desalination, engines, construction and construction equipment.  This presentation will cover their ATOS and TRITOP usage for 3D scanning and coordinate measuring for reverse engineering projects.  

Honeywell is a leader in manufacturing aircraft turbine engine components and this presentation outlines their company background and a few case studies.

In this presentation by MTU Aero Engines describes how TRITOP photogrammetry and ATOS 3D scanner are utilized for measuring and the dimensional analysis of critical turbine engine components for the aerospace industry.  

This presentation covers Snecma's importation and utilization of FTA, their encountered problems and solutions.  

This presentation describes Solar Turbine's integration of ATOS from 2006 to 2014 incorporating automation for higher repeatability, throughput, and productivity for a variety of engineering applications requiring precision metrology.  

This presentation displays examples from Sulzer for airfoil and casting applications using TRITOP photogrammetry and ATOS 3D scanning.  

This presentation by Triumph covers the benefits of utilizing simple and cost effective reference frames for measuring airfoils for reverse engineering and inspection applications.  Reference frames are pre-measured and can be utilized over for similiar parts within the same size.  This allows for target-less scanning with a high degree of accuracy.  

This presentation describes Honeywell's implementation of ATOS for inspection of turbine engine components as well as a CMM comparison.  

This presentation shows examples of TRITOP photogrammetry applications for aerospace and offshore applications.

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