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GOM Metrology Support Center

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GOM Service Area - Signup

Upon registration, you will have immediate access to public information such as Free GOM Inspect software, demo data, etc.  

If you are a CAPTURE 3D/GOM customer, please enter your Dongle-ID/Serial Number on the signup form. Within 24-48 business hours, your account will be verified and upgraded to the customer portal.

Inside the GOM Service Area, you will find-

Download GOM Software

Download Software

Find the latest software, hotfixes, past versions, and patches for operating systems.

Download ATOS 3D Scanner Sample Data

Sample Data

Test drive the various functions and features of the GOM software.

Find Manuals and Tutorials

Manuals & Tutorials

Find current and previous manuals and tutorials for your GOM product. 


GOM Forum

Discuss and exchange information with other users.


Knowledge Base

Find answers to frequently asked questions.



Learn about upcoming seminars and training classes offered by GOM Germany. For information regarding CAPTURE 3D training courses for 3D scanning, inspection, sheet metal inspection, airfoil inspection, automation, and photogrammetry, please contact .  


Sample 3D Data Downloads

Example with approximately 1 million points:




     G3D format

38.3 MB

 Sample 3D scan data

     STL format

41.4 MB





     G3D format

2.2 MB

Sample 3D scan data - sections

     IGES format

1.8 MB

     ASCII format

1.3 MB

     VDA format

3.4 MB


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