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Solving Legacy Problems Using 3D Scanning Technology

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Boeing uses 3D data for precision manufacturing of component fixtures

At the GOM International Conference in 2013, Boeing gave a clear demonstration of the role optical metrology plays in the optimization of production processes. The US company is the world's largest manufacturer of civil and military aircraft and helicopters as well as military and space technology. Competition between Boeing and its European rival Airbus is referred to as a duopoly in the large jet airliner market.

The aircraft engineering company relies on optical metrology to manufacture large-scale drill fixtures, which are used to position parts with maximum accuracy for assembly at key points in production. To do so it has chosen to use the TRITOP photogrammetry system and the ATOS optical 3D digitizer, which initially capture existing fixtures during a fast, efficient and precise process in the production environment itself. The 3D data supplies the information needed for rapid manufacturing and reproduction with CAD/CAM processes. The metrology systems can also be used to inspect finished fixtures. Optical measurement technology therefore guarantees an efficient and precise production as well as quality controls on component fixtures.

This presentation was given at the GOM International Conference in 2013 and it not available for public release. However, if you would like to receive additional information regarding our solutions for this type of application, please fill out the form below or email .  

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