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30 Nov 2023



CAPTURE 3D Advances its Digital Engineering Solutions with New 3D Metrology Software ZEISS INSPECT

CAPTURE 3D debuts the new ZEISS INSPECT 3D metrology software developed to solve modern manufacturing and engineering challenges and improve processes and productivity through digitalization.

SANTA ANA, Calif. US 30 November 2023 - CAPTURE 3D, a ZEISS company, continues to advance its digital engineering solutions with the 2023 release of its 3D metrology software ZEISS INSPECT, formerly GOM Software. New functions and upgrades accelerate data acquisition and improve the evaluation of 3D measurement data. Creating a seamlessly connected user experience, ZEISS Quality Suite now houses the four available ZEISS INSPECT software variants.

ZEISS INSPECT software variants:


With specific analysis functions and evaluation features, ZEISS INSPECT sets new standards for the visualization and evaluation of 3D measurement data and the digitalization capabilities it unlocks. ZEISS INSPECT is system-independent, allowing users to evaluate 3D measurement data regardless of which metrology technology was used to collect it.


As the industry standard for 3D inspection and evaluation, ZEISS INSPECT Optical 3D takes users from collecting accurate surface data to fast mesh processing, delivering a geometric digital twin of their physical part. Users can then access the benefits of digitalization within the software, such as quickly and efficiently performing GD&T and trend analysis and assembling parts digitally to analyze form, fit and function. ZEISS INSPECT Optical 3D also features the new Autosurfacing app that automatically converts scan data into a high-precision CAD model.


Developed specifically for the aerospace and power generation industries, ZEISS INSPECT Airfoil specializes in the geometric analysis of blades and airfoils. The latest updates to this software include the new 3D Throat Area feature, exclusive to ZEISS INSPECT Airfoil. With this feature, users can analyze the throat area digitally. ZEISS INSPECT Airfoil determines the minimum three-dimensional area between two blades, providing the geometrically narrowest cross-section, regardless of whether it is a partial area or a closed channel.

ZEISS Quality Suite Provides a Single Source of Truth

Since its market launch, ZEISS INSPECT has become the industry standard for optical metrological inspection and evaluation, with thousands of users relying on the software to overcome challenges, increase inspection insights, and save time. ZEISS INSPECT combines various technologies and applications for this purpose.

ZEISS INSPECT forms the core of the ZEISS Quality Suite, providing a data-rich, single source of truth and a seamless, cross-product workflow. For example, it combines ZEISS INSPECT with ZEISS PiWeb for comprehensive statistics and reporting options.

In addition to software products, the platform also offers complementary services, direct access to training, updates, news and apps curated to simplify daily work in metrology. With this year's release, users can purchase license subscriptions in the ZEISS Quality Software Store, an automated self-service initially only offered in Germany. Apps developed to solve specific measurement tasks are also available in the store, allowing users to customize their software further.

Another milestone on a successful growth path

Each year, ZEISS INSPECT receives updates that advance its innovative quality assurance capabilities and enhance features in response to the changing needs of rapidly growing industries such as e-mobility, aerospace, medical technology, and the energy and electronics sectors.

 ZEISS INSPECT is now available through CAPTURE 3D. For more information, visit:


CAPTURE 3D, a ZEISS company, is the leading provider of innovative 3D measurement solutions in the United States, helping companies solve engineering challenges, save time, minimize costs, and improve their overall time to market strategy. As the official U.S. distributor for Carl Zeiss GOM Metrology GmbH /ZEISS IQS North America, CAPTURE 3D combines vast industry expertise with robust technology to change the way people think about and experience measurement.


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