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 ZEISS INSPECT 3D metrology software


The Metrology Software for Your Challenges

The world of measurement technology is complex - but your 3D metrology software solution shouldn't be. Allowing you to easily work with data from different 3D metrology technologies, ZEISS INSPECT 3D metrology software solves modern manufacturing and engineering challenges and improves processes and productivity through digitalization. Whether you need to perform simple or advanced 3D, CT or motion data analysis, ZEISS INSPECT is the metrology software to solve your challenges.

The answer to your metrology challenges

Discover the versatility of ZEISS INSPECT. Analyze optical 3D data, volume data, blades and airfoils or moving image data - regardless of which metrology technology you use. Customize your software experience with powerful features developed to meet your needs.





Essential Metrology Functions that Help You Get the Job Done


Mesh Editing Software GOM Software ZEISS INSPECT

ZEISS INSPECT GOM INSPECT 3D metrology software

ZEISS INSPECT 3D Metrology Software GOM INSPECT  GD&T geometric dimensioning and tolerancing

Mesh editing

Complete the basis work for any analysis with ease. Quickly go from 3D point cloud to polygon mesh and smooth and fill holes within a few simple clicks.

Nominal-actual comparison

When you match polygon meshes to CAD data, you can visualize deviations with an intuitive color scale. By identifying deviations immediately, you can identify and solve your problems faster.


Within a few quick clicks, you can check if the shape and position of your components are within the defined tolerances. Applying GD&T just got faster and simpler. 



ZEISS INSPECT GOM Software surface defect inspection

ZEISS INSPECT GOM INSPECT 3D metrology software

ZEISS INSPECT 3D metrology software reporting GOM Software

Defect inspections

Regardless of which metrology technology you use to collect your measurement data, you can quickly and efficiently reveal small defects, dents and abnormalities. 

Digital assembly

Assemble digitized parts to evaluate form, fit and function before you ever assemble the physical components. Save time, reduce waste, increase efficiency, and be confident your parts will fit accurately. 


Whether you need graphics, tables, PDFs, or presentations, ZEISS INSPECT lets you present your results the way you need them. With multiple reporting options, you're able to present your results as necessary for every situation.


 Increase Your Efficiency with ZEISS INSPECT

ZEISS INSPECT brings you freedom of choice and freedom of time. You get to choose which metrology technology to use for data acquisition. And you get to choose from a selection of apps to customize your 3D metrology experience. All aspects of the software work with the same operating concept, saving you training time.  

ZEISS INSPECT Parametric Inspection

Parametric Concept 

Tired of performing the same task multiple times? Then the ZEISS INSPECT parametric approach is for you. Perform inspection once, and the software saves each step, making measurement plans traceable, repeatable, and editable. 




ZEISS INSPECT Python Script Recorder


Python Interface

Turn all actions in the software into editable Python scripts. Reduce the time and effort you're spending on repetitive tasks. Missing a particular function? Include them in Python libraries or develop them internally.



Python Script Recorder for ZEISS INSPECT


Apps to Adapt to Your Needs

When you need to access advanced 3D metrology functions, ZEISS INSPECT has extensions to help get you there. Adapt your 3D metrology software experience to your needs with apps designed for experts like you.





Automate Your Processes

To help you work more efficiently, ZEISS INSPECT provides many options to automate your processes. Whether project templates, automatic measurement sequences, or independent defect detection.



Four software variants to support your success

Different applications have different needs. But why should you have to switch software programs when you're working with different types of measurement data? Now you don't. ZEISS INSPECT comes in four software variants. Whether you want to analyze surfaces, volume data, or motion sequences or meet specific challenges in aerospace – ZEISS INSPECT has the software solution for your needs.


 ZEISS INSPECT Optical 3D Metrology Software


The industry standard for 3D inspection and evaluation








Software developed for expert analysis of blade and airfoil geometry.





ZEISS INSPECT X-Ray CT Inspection Software



Efficient analysis and visualization of volume data from a CT scanner.








Evaluate motion data quickly and easily.



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