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Industrial Metrology 3D Solutions

Capture 3D offers a wide array of 3D metrology products to choose from that will best fit your manufacturing needs. We understand that quality control is a big part of how you get your job done. Our products will be your time-saver and the reason your inspection times are so much more efficient.

Maximizing how you develop new and improved products is our goal. Our optical scanning systems and 3D software will give you the high-quality digital scans you need to produce standardized objects. For example, the GOM ScanBox enables automated precision inspection and includes an ATOS 3D scanner, Virtual Measuring Room (VMR) software, built-in safety housing, robot, and rotary stage.

Whether you’re looking for automated inspection, portable scanning systems, or a fully integrated photogrammetry, you’ll find the right industrial 3D scanner in our product line.

All models of our 3D scanning systems are standardized on blue light technology for a more accurate reading of surface data. The metrology product you choose will just depend on the size of objects you’ll be scanning and what level of detail and precision that your specific application requires.  For example, if your application requires a relatively low volume of parts to be scanned, a manual version of our systems may be best applied. However, if your application involves scanning higher quantities of similar part styles, then one our fully automated, robotic scanning system would likely be a good fit.

  • Improve design, manufacturing, and production workflows
  • Immediately solve quality issues - Quickly derive the optimal corrective action
  • Lean manufacturing - Eliminate unnecessary repetitive processes, rework, and iterations
  • Process optimization - Improve cycle times, productivity, and/or capacity
  • Improve product quality - Tighter part quality standards
  • Cost avoidance - Resolve unforeseen issues to eliminate making bad parts
  • Faster time to market - Increase profits and improve competitive advantage

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You can learn more about  3D metrology solutions here. Furthermore, these case studies are a great way to explore how industrial metrology has improved business outcomes across multiple industries and use cases. While no two applications are exactly the same, reviewing case studies can allow you to understand how similar organizations have solved challenges like the ones you face. As a result you can gain insight regarding how to best approach meeting your requirements.

If you’re still not sure which solution is best for your use case, request a demo with one of our 3D scanning experts or reach out to us here with further questions. We’d love to work with you and help you explore your options.

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