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Industrial Metrology 3D Solutions

When Quality, Accuracy, Speed, and Reliability Matter

Capture 3D provides complete optical 3D metrology solutions with precise accuracy and fast speeds to ensure process optimization.   Engineered with the highest quality, our solutions have proven to be an indispensable asset for quality control in modern product development and production process chains.  Our unparalleled quality, high resolution optics, stability, and integrated intelligent software orchestrates a revolutionary 3D metrology machine. Capture 3D’s objective is to make sure our customers are successful in reaching their goals.  Learn more about our accurate structured blue light 3D scanners photogrammetry systems, comprehensive 3D metrology software, and automated inspection solutions.  

    • Improve design, manufacturing, and production workflows
    • Immediately solve quality issues - Quickly derive the optimal corrective action
    • Lean manufacturing - Eliminate unnecessary repetitive processes, rework, and iterations
    • Process optimization - Improve cycle times, productivity, and/or capacity
    • Improve product quality - Tighter part quality standards
    • Cost avoidance - Resolve unforeseen issues to eliminate making bad parts
    • Faster time to market - Increase profits and improve competitive advantage

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