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ZEISS ScanBox Series 5

Automated Measuring System for Parts up to 3000 mm

zeiss scanbox series 5

ZEISS ScanBox Series 5

ZEISS ScanBox Series 5 gives you the choice of three models offering many options for customizing the setup to meet your needs - that's what we call the new modularity. The individual components are standardized, so you can upgrade to your ScanBox to different layouts as your needs change. The maximum load of the rotation table module is 2000 kg.

zeiss scanbox 5110 automated 3D scanning for small parts

ZEISS ScanBox 5110

The ZEISS ScanBox 5110 can measure parts up to a size of 1000 mm, making it ideal for inspecting turbines, fans, blisks and cast housings. In airfoil inspections, this model can be used for measuring sharp radii in positions and contours with a detail resolution of more than 20 measuring points per millimeter.

zeiss scanbox 5120 automated 3d scanning

ZEISS ScanBox 5120

The ZEISS ScanBox 5120 measures parts up to 2000 mm in size, making it ideal for larger parts, such as interior components of vehicles. However, the ZEISS ScanBox 5120 has also proven its efficiency in casting and forging applications such as the inspection of cast parts, sand cores and models.

zeiss scanbox 5130 automated 3D scanning for large parts

ZEISS ScanBox 5130

The ZEISS ScanBox 5130 measures parts up to 3000 mm in size, such as sheet metal parts, assemblies, cast parts and turbine components.



ZEISS ScanBox Series 5: Versatility to Adapt Optical 3D Automation to Your Needs

ZEISS ScanBox Series 5


Ergonomic Functions

The new, flexible user interface offers various ergonomic functions to support the user. A swivel arm integrated into the electronic switch cabinet can be set to the desired position, allowing the ZEISS ScanBox Series 5 system to be operated while standing or sitting.




automation zeiss scanbox series 5 airfoil inspection
Customized for Airfoil Inspections

ZEISS ScanBox 5110 is engineered with specific benefits for airfoil inspection. Developed for gas turbine industries, ATOS 5 for Airfoil has an optimized working distance and measurement area from 100 x 70 mm² to deliver high-precision 3D data that includes intricate details. You can digitize a complete blisk in less than an hour and a turbine blade within a few minutes.




Accurate 3D scanner for 3D printing


Optical Serial Measurement

ZEISS ScanBox Series 5 is developed for serial measurements and is often directly used in the production environment. By automating your measurement procedures, you can easily achieve the reproducibility of 3D measurement data. You create the measuring programs for inspection in the virtual measuring room (VMR) of ZEISS INSPECT software. The robot is fully controlled by the software and successively moves along the measurement positions. Changes to the data status of the CAD or the inspection plan can be quickly updated by the parametric structure of the software. VMR makes it easy to train your workforce to operate the ScanBox.






Production-Integrated Inspection of Complex Geometries

ZEISS ScanBox Series 5 is an all-in solution for the automated inspection and digitalization of complex parts. This automated 3D metrology solution quickly provides you with full-field measuring results for CAD comparison, allowing you to visualize possible deviations from GD&T and accelerating your production, maintenance and repair processes. Use the system for fast acquisition of specific measurement features and geometries, such as surface and edge points, holes or bores.

Module system for robot and rotation table

In addition to the robot and the rotation table, the entire control, safety and power electronics system is located in or on the modules, which are the size of a Euro pallet and which can be easily moved with a pallet truck. The industrial robot used enables an internal cable routing. This ensures that the robot paths computed by Auto Teaching do not lead to a jamming or stretching of the sensor cables. The machine housing is constructed around the modules. This ensures occupational safety in accordance with the Machinery Directive.

Quality Assurance in Series Production

ZEISS ScanBox Series 5 optimizes your inspection processes and supports you in process control. Standardized and automated procedures reduce scrap and increase throughput. Real-time trend analysis enables high process reliability during operation, allowing you to quickly identify changes within production.

Sensor Technology

ATOS sensors provide full-field 3D coordinates for each individual measurement. Within a few seconds, up to 12 million independent measuring points are captured per scan. As a result, the measuring data is characterized by very highly detailed reproduction, thereby enabling very small component features to be measured.

ATOS Overview >


3D Scanning and Inspection Software

ZEISS INSPECT is a process-reliable software solution that controls ATOS 3D scanners, produces precise 3D surface data and offers complete inspection and reporting functionalities in one software package.

ZEISS INSPECT is a complete parametric and traceable measuring and evaluation software for dimensional analyses. The intuitive operating concept makes it possible to implement all measuring tasks easily and flexibly.

ZEISS ScanBox Brochure

For further information about the ZEISS ScanBox, please download the brochure.

zeiss scanbox 5130

Technical Information


ZEISS ScanBox 5110   

ZEISS ScanBox 5120

ZEISS ScanBox 5130

Dimensions 2200 × 3550 × 3050 mm (LC*)
2200 x 2850 x 3050 mm (D)
3600 × 4250 × 3050 mm (LC)
3600 x 3550 x 3050 mm (D)
4300 x 4250 x 3050 (LC)
Power supply 200–500 V (3-phase, 16 A) 200–500 V (3-phase, 16 A) 200–500 V (3-phase, 16 A)
Max. part size Ø 1000 mm Ø 2000 mm Ø 3000 mm
Max. part weight 2000 kg 2000 kg 2000 kg
Entry Light curtain or sliding door with safety switch Light curtain or sliding door with safety switch Light curtain
Opening width 1000 mm (LC)
950 mm (D)
2400 mm (LC)
2100 mm (D)
3100 mm (LC)
Floor mounting or fixing Required Required Required
Loading concept Manual, crane (D) Manual, transport cart, pallet truck, crane (LC) Manual, transport cart, pallet truck, crane (LC)
Sensor compatibility ATOS 5 for Airfoil ATOS 5, ATOS 5 for Airfoil ATOS 5
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