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Machinery & Other Transportation

Case Studies

Learn how machinery and transportation manufactuers are using accurate structured blue light 3D scanners, comprehensive inspection software, photogrammetry technology, and/or automation to improve manufacturing processes with rapid precision measurements

This paper will highlight the use of scanning technology to aid in rapidly developing new patterns of a tamper casting used by the railroad industry.…
Mobile optical 3D Coordinate Measurement System TRITOP CMM helps to reduce downtime of ships in dry-docks from month to days.
In this presentation Nautor's Swan explains how TRITOP photogrammetry and ATOS 3D scanner are used for quality control in the yacht building industry.
Modern technology simplifies and quickens the manufacturing of products having reproducible characteristics. In order to make it possible to create a faithful copy of the…
This presentation describes how RWTH utilized TRITOP and ATOS to inspection of a rolling mill for deformation analysis.  
The Virtual Targets Center provides weapon system developers, testers, evaluators and trainers with target geometries and simulation model inputs of variable resolution in multi-spectral domains,…
Yaris Kabin gives an overview on their manufacturing process as well as how ATOS and TRITOP have been implemented for dimensional analysis and checking of…
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