News in 3D Scanning, Photogrammetry, Inspection and Automation - July 2016
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Capture 3D Quarterly Newsletter | Bringing Meaning to Measurement | July 2016

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  1. Next Week! New Advancements at Capture 3D Innovation 2016
  2. Limited Quantity - Secondary Hotel Block at Discounted Rate
  3. New ATOS ScanBox 7 and 8 Series – Automated Precision Metrology
  4. New GOM Software 2016 for Comprehensive 3D Measurement and Analysis
  5. New Free GOM Inspect 2016 Software Video Tutorials
  6. Capture 3D Michigan Facility Expansion
  7. Upcoming Training Courses
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  9. Upcoming Events

Catherine Kim

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Next Week! New Advancements at Capture 3D Innovation 2016
Catherine Kim, Marketing Manager, Capture 3D, Inc

With less than 1 week remaining, we are ecstatic about our upcoming Capture 3D Innovation Conference and Expo! This gathering occurs every two years and this year we have put together a program we feel you will find insightful. Some of the information heard at the conference will not be released publicly, so we encourage you to please join us. This year, the Capture 3D and GOM team have some unprecedented 3D metrology developments to share that will accelerate and optimize product development, manufacturing, and production processes. In addition to an amazing line up of guest speakers, we will be sharing intelligent 3D coordinate measuring techniques, quality control strategies, cutting-edge automated inspection technologies, and much more. During the conference we will provide an offsite tour of our newly expanded Michigan facility with a live demonstration of the new ATOS ScanBox 8160 for automated dimensional verification of large objects and assemblies. If you have not yet registered, please click here for more information.

All event registration confirmations have been emailed. If for some reason you have not received yours, please contact us at

Capture 3D Innovation Conference and Expo
Bring Meaning to Manufacturing
The Inn at St. John’s in Plymouth, Michigan
August 2-4, 2016

Expert Talks

Capture 3D and GOM
Keynote: The Role of 3D Measurement in Industry 4.0

AMRDEC (Aviation and Missile Research, Development, and Engineering Center) and NASA
3D Metrology Applications within the DoD and NASA

TANKscan: 3D Scanning as Easy as a Coffee Machine - Automatically Calculating Fuel Tank Tooling Corrections

AST - Advanced Simulation Technology
Accuracy and Process Validation of Non-Destructive Internal Cavity Measurement Utilizing Metrology Grade Scan Rubber

Capture 3D
Accelerating 3D Measurement and Dimensional Inspection with Scripting in ATOS

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems
Innovative Aerospace Manufacturing and Assembly Verification with ATOS Optical Tracking

General Motors
Advancing Automotive Product Development and Engineering with Intelligent 3D Metrology

Innovations in Precision 3D Metrology for Advancing Manufacturing

Automated Inspection for Optimization of Quality Control, Manufacturing, and Production Processes

Automotive Equipment Repeatability Study with TRITOP Photogrammetry and Sheet Metal Inspection Trend Analysis with ATOS 3D Scanner

Made in Space
Manufacturing Beyond Earth

Rolls Royce
Scripting with ATOS for Better Quality Control and Dimensional Verification on Turbine Engine Components

Optical Full-Field 3D Deformation, Dynamic Strain & Material Testing Analysis

Lower Cycle Times, Increase Accuracy, and Minimize Operating Costs by Utilizing Adaptive Machining with the ATOS 3D Scanner

Reconfigurable Modular Fixturing for Optical Inspection

For questions, please do not hesitate to contact Catherine, Tiffany, or Sonya at or call us at (714)546-7278 from 8am to 5pm PST.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone in August!

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Capture 3D Innovation 2016

Limited Quantity – Secondary Hotel Block at a Discounted Rate

The conference hotel is sold out, but we have secured a limited secondary block at the Best Western Hospitality Hotel that is approximately 4 miles away at a discounted rate of $89.99. The hotel offers complimentary parking and internet. Please remember we will serve a hot breakfast at the conference starting at 7:30AM. To book your room, please contact (734) 464-0050 and ask for the Capture 3D rate. If you are having any issues, please contact

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ATOS ScanBox 7 and 8 Series

New ATOS ScanBox 7 and 8 Series – Automated Precision Metrology

The 7 and 8 series are the latest additions to the ATOS ScanBox family for high quality, rapid, and accurate non-contact optical automated inspection of large parts, dies, tools, and assemblies. With a measurement area for parts measuring up to 8.2 feet to 19.6 feet, the ATOS ScanBox 7 and 8 series can accurately scan complete car bodies, large heavy parts, and aerostructures. Unlike conventional systems that utilize heavy robots mounted onto huge rails, the new ATOS ScanBox models extend the working range of the ATOS scanner by introducing new robot kinematics. GOM’s 8-axis kinematics is a combination of a horizontal rail, a vertical lift and an articulated robot. This allows for flexibility in positioning the ATOS sensor. Due to the 8 degrees of freedom, parts can be measured from every perspective including car interiors. ATOS ScanBoxes are engineered to the highest quality and safety, and can be setup up quickly for a rapid ramp up. It does not require permanent installation or heavy ground construction. The ATOS ScanBox Series 7 is equipped with one robot while the Series 8 is a double robot measuring cell with the possibility of using a duplex measuring mode. Both robot-driven ATOS 3D scanners simultaneously measure precise coordinate points to rapidly inspect entire assemblies. The 7 and 8 series are configurable to further increase throughput by adding additional measuring areas.

For additional information, please email A live demonstration will be given during the offsite facility tour at Capture 3D Innovation 2016. To watch a video, please click here.

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GOM Software 2016 - CT Scanner Data Import

New GOM Software 2016 for Comprehensive 3D Measurement and Analysis

The latest release titled, GOM Software 2016, was launched this month and offers a plethora of advancements in 3D measurement, dimensional analysis, and automated inspection functionalities. The software update includes -

Direct Import of Volume Data from CT Scanners
Industrial computed tomography (CT) scanners utilize x-ray technology to measure internal geometries without destroying the object. It is now possible to directly import native file formats derived from CT scanners into GOM Software 2016 via drag and drop to perform detailed inspection analyses. This new feature is even available with the free GOM Inspect 2016 software. CT data formats include: .vgi, .vgl, .pcr, .exv and .rek. In the past, a third party software was required to generate the STL from the volume data; however, this redundant step has been removed offering a direct import to help speed up dimensional analyses. Users can combine exterior surface scans with interior CT scans within the GOM software to comprehensively analyze an object’s complete geometry. The intuitive GOM software is able to distinguish different materials of a scanned object and displays it as separate surface meshes. Additionally, the polygonization area of the volume can be restricted to target relevant areas.

New Surface Defect Map for Verification
This new function detects small defects like dents and sink marks using the actual mesh data and displays the discrepancy in the color map. The software computes a theoretical surface for more realistic results. By comparing the nominal and actual surface inspection, the new feature allows the compensation of global curvatures.

Enhanced VMR (Virtual Measuring Room) for Automated Quality Control
With the simulation intelligence inside VMR, the GOM Software 2016 can automatically generate photogrammetry measurement positions without the need for manual teaching. This enhancement coupled with the improved automatic path planning for 3D scanning allows for precise and optimized robotic positions for tight areas such as car body interiors. Additionally, it is now possible to transfer completed measuring programs from one ATOS ScanBox to another so that robot paths stay validated and can be reused instantly. Lastly, the free GOM Inspect software has been upgraded with the ability to view and play the simulated robotic measurement routine generated from VMR.

Additional Software Features

  • New CAD converter: Extended import of Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI) for the automatic generation of measurement plans
  • Extended checks: Extraction of values from surface analyses along sections and curves, plausibility checks for measuring principles
  • GD&T inspections on GOM Touch Probe elements and on point-based fitting elements
  • Addition of the bonus tolerance to the tolerance of a GD&T check
  • New referencing concept for car bodies in VMR: Robogrammetry with new reference cubes
  • Customizable 3D toolbar: Easy and fast access to favorite commands
  • Improvements in the explorer: Search box to filter elements, new section for chosen elements in the sub-explorer, handling of stage ranges
  • Two new user interface themes for different work environments
    … and much more.

Quick software walk-through videos on new features in GOM Software 2016 -

What’s new in GOM Software 2016 for 3D metrology and VMR –

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GOM Inspect 2016 Video Tutorials

New GOM Inspect 2016 Free Software Video Tutorials

GOM Inspect is free mesh processing and inspection software for dimensional analysis of 3D point clouds from structured blue/white light scanners, laser scanners, CT scanners and other measuring devices. The software is entirely free to use and results can be shared between departments, vendors, and/or with customers for faster communication to help speed up the decision making process. GOM Inspect 2016 contains all of the evaluation tools necessary for extensive analysis of parts and components. It is independently tested and certified by German and American national measurement laboratories (PTB, NIST). The accuracy of the evaluation software is verified by comparing the results obtained from the software with reference results. GOM Inspect has been placed in class 1, the class of the smallest deviations.

GOM Inspect 2016 video tutorials can be viewed here –

To learn about all of the software features and information on how to instantly download, please visit-

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Capture 3D Michigan Facility Expansion

Capture 3D Michigan Facility Expansion

The Capture 3D Farmington Hills, Michigan facility has just completed its expansion and renovation to support the growing demands for our high precision 3D metrology automated solutions. During the Capture 3D Innovation Conference, guests will be taken on a tour to view the new Automated Solutions Center that will showcase the next generation of automated non-contact 3D inspection technologies.

To schedule a visit, please contact

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Upcoming Training Courses

Upcoming Training Courses

Maximize your Capture 3D metrology investment by enrolling in our training courses. Classes will cover the latest GOM software release which advances 3D measurement workflows and includes a multitude of enhanced metrology functionality. Classes are taught by our engineers in our Farmington Hills, Michigan facility unless otherwise noted below. In order to maximize the learning experience, classes are limited to a small number of seats, so please register as classes fill up quickly.

  • August 2nd - GOM Inspect Beginner (free software)
    *Onsite at Capture 3D Innovation Conference at The Inn at St. John’s in Plymouth, Michigan. The special discounted rate is $375.
  • August 2nd – GOM Inspect Professional / ATOS Professional Intermediate to Advanced
    *Onsite at Capture 3D Innovation Conference at The Inn at St. John’s in Plymouth, Michigan. The special discounted rate is $375.
  • October 17th – Scanning with ATOS
  • October 18th and 19th – Inspection with ATOS Pro and GOM Inspect Pro
  • October 20th – Airfoil Inspection
  • October 20th - Sheet Metal Inspection
  • October 25th – Intro to Scripting with ATOS
  • October 26th – 27th – Intermediate Scripting with ATOS

For course descriptions and registration, please click here.

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Social Media

Social Media - Connect with Us

We thank you for your continued support. If you haven’t done so already, follow us and like us! For up-to-date news, facts, contests, and more.

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events Schedule

Below is our upcoming events schedule and we welcome you to come and visit the Capture 3D Team. For private events, Capture 3D will host 3D Measurement Workshops at your facility, provide catering, and work with you on topics and requirements you wish to address. To arrange a meeting or company workshop, please email

  • 07/25 to 07/29 – CMSC, booth 200 and 202 in Nashville, Tennessee
  • 08/02 to 08/04 – Capture 3D Innovation Conference in Plymouth, Michigan
  • 09/12 to 09/17 – IMTS, booth E-5659 in Chicago, Illinois

To view our events schedule, please click here.

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