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ATOS Compact Scan | Precise. Flexible. Affordable.

Mobile 3D Scanner for Application Versatility 

The ATOS Compact Scan provides accurate scans with detailed versatile resolution at high speeds.  This modern portable 3D scanner is engineered with high-quality components and ensures ultimate adaptability for various applications, part sizes, and environments, (especially in narrow and confined areas).  It is a type of coordinate measuring machine (CMM) that utilizes non-contact structured blue light technology to capture millions of precise points in a single scan.  The lightweight, compact construction opens up new application areas and ensures ultimate adaptability for 3D measuring of components such as cast and injection molded parts, forms and models, interiors, prototypes, design models, and many others.  The advanced hardware is combined with completely integrated, powerful software for scanning and inspection, as well as a reliable worldwide support network to form a complete package at a competitive price.

  • Precision accuracy and repeatability
  • Rapid high-resolution 3D data collection 
  • Comprehensive software for 3D scanning, inspection analysis (addon), and reporting
  • Interchangeable measuring volumes for project versatility (measure small to extra-large objects)
  • Various configurations for lab, portable, shop-floor, and production environments
  • Turnkey solution from a single vendor 



Structured Blue Light Technology

  • Advanced high-end technology 
  • High-quality measurement data
  • Scanning independent of ambient light conditions
  • Low maintenance costs
ATOS Compact Scan 3D scanning casted part

Interchangeable Measuring Volumes

  • Accurate with detailed resolution at fast speeds
  • Complete part dimensional analysis
  • Rapidly measure small to large parts (up to tens of meters in size) with one sensor head
ATOS Compact Scan interchangeable measuring volumes

Touch Probe Capability

  • Measure discreet holes and features
  • Combine full-field scanning and touch probe measurement 
  • Instant change between scanning and handheld probing


ATOS Compact Scan 3D scanner with touch probe coordinate measuring

Portable 3D Scanner for Industrial Measuring

  • Easy transportation
  • Portable, powerful image processing computer as standard
  • System, tripod, measuring areas and manual rotation table in one case


ATOS Compact Scan portability

Intelligent and Integrated Inspection Software

All hardware and software are developed and engineered completely in-house at GOM Germany ensuring harmonious synchronization and compatiability with software enhancements that are customer driven.  ATOS Professional software includes comprehensive inspection functionalities with the ability to multi-task by inspecting while scanning.  Some of the software tools include: advanced mesh processing, parametric inspection, power generation inspection, sheet metal inspection, curve based inspection, creating measurement plans, templates, teaching by doing, trend analysis, traceability, GD&T, online tracking, reverse projection, and more.  Through a simple graphical user interface, ATOS Professional Live software supports today's tasks in quality control, manufacturing processes and reverse engineering.   


 ATOS Compact Scan software for manufacturing trend analysis
ATOS Compact Scan 3D scanner report

Complete Measuring System

  • Complete "out-of-the-box" solution: sensor, laptop, software, and accessories
  • Includes ATOS software for 3D scanning and polygon editing, or ATOS Professional software which includes ATOS software plus complete inspection analysis features such as: parametric inspection, industry-specific inspection functionality, trend analysis, GD&T, comprehensive reporting, and much more.
  • Complete training and support
ATOS Compact Scan complete 3D metrology solution

Technical Data


Power supply: AC 110/230 Volt, 50-60 Hz
Weight: approx. 4 kg
Distance adjustment: Laser pointers
Operating temperature: 5 °C to 40 °C (non-condensing)
Cable length: 10 m


Resolution: 8 or 12 megapixels
Connection: Gigabit Ethernet
Scanning speed: approx. 1 second


Stationary: Workstation
Mobile: Laptop (via Thunderbolt 3)
Operating system: Windows 10

Measuring Volumes (MV)

 Camera Frame Small Objects  Camera Frame 300  Camera Frame 500
 MV170: 170 x 130 mm2  MV600: 600 x 500 mm2  MV1200: 1200 x 1000 mm2
 MV80: 80 x 60 mm2  MV350: 350 x 250 mm2  MV 700: 700 x 500 mm2
 MV45: 45 x 35 mm2  MV170: 170 x 130 mm2  


GOM Touch Probe
Calibration object
Point markers
Transport case


Reference frames
GOM Touch Probe Kit
Manual rotation table with threaded hole pattern
1-axis automation: mobile, motorized rotation table
3-axis automation: Motorization Kit with tilt and swivel unit and vertical axis


The ATOS Compact Scan provides benchmark level quality in accuracy, sharpness, and completeness.  


Work with sharp and precise scan results. The perfect start for reverse engineering and inspection.


Digitize deep pockets, bore holes or areas that cannot be accessed optically. The ultimate addition to 3D scanning.


Position your parts during assembly or for alignment before milling. A useful add-on in the production process. 

Scalable use

Benefit from interchangeable lenses that provide small to large fields of view with high detail accuracy.

Simple handling

Enjoy the ease of use of the 3D scanner, especially for big objects. ATOS Compact Scan does not need to be held in hand all the time. 


Inspect or reverse engineer at the production line or wherever the part may be.

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