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Your high-tech inspection software for blade geometries

ZEISS INSPECT Airfoil is a powerful analysis and inspection software for blade geometries. You can use both optical and tactile measurement data to evaluate the status of any turbine part at any time during its life cycle: During the design phase, the manufacturing process, routine maintenance or if there are necessary repairs. The software features analysis tools tailor-made for the inspection of blades and airfoils - whether in power supply, aircraft and shipbuilding, electrical appliances or the automotive industry, the software analyzes optical and tactile measurement data from coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and is compatible with all common data formats. From design to quality control, the software supports you in the efficient analysis of your measurement data. 

ZEISS INSPECT for airfoil analysis

Precision measurement and analysis of turbine blade geometry are critical to performance. Calculating the analysis of these intricate geometries was once a lengthy process, but with ZEISS INSPECT Airfoil's specific analysis functions, you can complete airfoil analysis quickly and easily. With useful 2D and 3D evaluation features, ZEISS INSPECT sets new standards in the visualization and evaluation of measurement data. Get the results you need, regardless of whether your data comes from your optical systems or your coordinate measuring machine.


3D Throat Area

ZEISS INSPECT Airfoil is the only 3D measurement and analysis software that offers digital analysis of the throat area. Use ZEISS INSPECT to determine the minimum three-dimensional area between two blades. This feature provides the most geometrically narrow cross-section – regardless of whether it is a partial area or a closed channel.





Virtual balancing

With a digital twin of your assembly, you save valuable time. Based on the digital 3D model, you define the ideal order of blades before assembly to prevent imbalances. ZEISS INSPECT supports you step by step.


Create your own functions

Using the Python interface and the command recorder, record your software workflow and save it as a script. You can edit this code to get functions customized to make your work easier. Or, use our apps with functions engineered to streamline your processes and reduce process fluctuations.

ZEISS INSPECT 3D metrology software parametric evaluations

Save time and boost efficiency

Same series, new part? No need for a new inspection plan! Save time by applying ZEISS INSPECT's parametric functionality.  ZEISS INSPECT saves your inspection steps in the background, so you can quickly apply them to a new part, or adapt them to new circumstances, and create your measurement reports. Welcome to a new level of efficiency.


Suitable apps for your tasks

ZEISS INSPECT expands your capabilities with a range of industry-specific functions. In addition to an app for efficient blisk measurement, ZEISS Quality Suite houses many applications designed to help you work smarter, not harder.

What can ZEISS INSPECT Airfoil do for you?

Bring efficiency to blisk analysis 

If you measure and inspect a single blade of a blisk, ZEISS INSPECT allows you to efficiently repeat this process for any number of additional blades on the blisk.


Fast measurement and analysis of guide vanes

A guide vane usually consists of a vane blade as well as a hub and a casing cover band. With ZEISS INSPECT Airfoil, you can inspect a complete guide vane quickly and easily.

Quickly analyze complete drums

Save time inspecting drums, whether you need to inspect each blisk that makes up the drum or the complete drum itself.


Ready to take your airfoil analysis to new heights?

Find the perfect introduction to ZEISS INSPECT for your airfoil analyses. Contact us for a demo or get a trial of the software. Download ZEISS INSPECT through ZEISS Quality Suite to get started.

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