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Handheld 3D Scanner


The Tool that Gets it Done

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The ZEISS T-SCAN hawk 2 is a next-generation lightweight handheld laser scanner with metrology-grade precision and remarkable ease of use. Powered by pre-installed ZEISS INSPECT software, it takes you from data acquisition to data analysis, quickly delivering high-quality 3D data for high-quality results.


Meet the Next-Generation Lightweight Handheld Laser Scanner

zeiss t-scan-hawk 2 made in germany

Handheld laser scanner
Fast, easy, and intuitive scanning process
Designed and produced by ZEISS

accurate handheld laser scanner

Portable handheld 3D scanner

handheld 3D scanner with photogrammetry

Confidently Know Your Perfect Working Distance

Scan with confidence by controlling your working distance with a new projection mode – a red laser marker helps you to easily adjust for perfect scanning results. Never wonder if you're holding your handheld 3D scanner too close or far again. 

A Solution that Adapts to Your Workflow

The flow is yours – T-SCAN hawk 2 is intuitive to operate and adapts easily to the movement of your hand. Compact and lightweight, this handheld 3D scanner is easy to maneuver wherever you need to capture accurate 3D measurement data. 

Go Big with the New Satellite Mode

T-SCAN hawk 2 is the first portable handheld laser scanner with the new satellite mode to scan large areas without coded markers. Collect accurate 3D measurement data from areas as large as multiple meters. 


handheld laser scanner zeiss t scan hawk 2 shiny surfaces

See the Data Quality Difference with ZEISS INSPECT

Import 3D data into the leading metrology software regardless of the measuring system. As an all-in-one, easy-to-use, intuitive software solution, ZEISS INSPECT supports your entire workflow from 3D printing and reverse engineering to inspection, evaluation, and reporting. Designed to make your workflow simpler and faster, it's no wonder hundreds of thousands of professionals rely on ZEISS INSPECT, making it the standard in 3D inspection.


3D measurement software for handheld 3d scanner


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Take Quality into Your Own Hands

Handle very large or heavy object scanning with this simple solution. With the T-SCAN hawk 2's satellite mode you'll gain highly reliable real-time results delivered by a single handheld device. Easily scan various objects with enhanced precision— because no challenge is too big for the T-SCAN hawk 2.



 handheld 3d scanner zeiss t scan hawk 2 reverse engineering

Reverse Engineering

The T-SCAN hawk 2 is a fast and reliable solution for collecting the precise data you need to support reverse engineering. Quickly go from shape to CAD model, save and archive data from tooling and legacy parts, including the smallest details and intricacies, so you don't miss a thing.





handheld laser scanner for maintenance



The portable T-SCAN hawk 2 is a valuable tool for 3D inspections of wear and tear. Bring it with you indoors or outdoors for maintenance, repair and overhaul and quickly accomplish trend analysis for multiple evaluations.





handheld 3d scanner zeiss t scan hawk 2 quality control


Quality Control

The T-SCAN hawk 2 captures high-resolution data, delivering quality you can see clearly. With the accurate data you need to make decisions with confidence, you'll quickly complete first article inspections (FAI), supplier quality inspections, shop floor inspections, functional dimensioning, part to CAD inspection, and beyond.




Advanced Handheld Laser Scanning Technology to Deliver
High-Precision Data
Controlling quality where it matters so you can capture data wherever you need it


zeiss t-scan hawk 2 handheld 3D scanner

portable handheld 3D scanner

t-scan hawk 2 portable 3D scanner blue light

Switching Between Different Tasks

T-SCAN hawk 2 features seamless adjustments for resolution and field of view. Whether small parts, fine details, larger objects or deep pockets, confined spaces or hard-to-reach areas, this 3D laser scanner does the job.

Operate with the Push of a Button 

T-SCAN hawk 2 features four buttons to start and navigate your workflow directly. No need to operate the software separately on your laptop.

Strong on Dark and Shiny Surfaces

T-SCAN hawk 2 supports scanning on a wide range of materials and surfaces, delivering 3D measurement data with the highest precision.



Technical Data



High-speed scanning

Included (multiple blue laser crosses)

Deep pockets

Included (single blue laser line)

Flexible depth of field

Included (on-object distance radar)

Detailed scan


One-shot sensor calibration

Included (Hyperscale)

Large parts

Included (Satellite mode, no coded markers required)

Carbon-fiber lengths standards

Certified (DAkks / ILAC) (1)

Volumetric accuracy

 0.02 mm + 0.015 mm/m (2)

Laser class (IEC 60825-1:2014)

Class 2 (eye-safe)


 < 1 kg


10m (ultra-light)



Full remote workflow



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