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3D Digitizing - Monday, September 21, 2015 to Friday, September 25, 2015

Braunschweig, Germany


The conference days will focus on the integration of optical metrology in industrial process chains. Main topics are quality control, inspection and reverse engineering. Presentations and discussions will feature:

  • Improvement of inspection processes
  • Shortening evaluation and inspection times
  • Reliable and traceable results
  • Comprehensive automation solutions
  • Uniform quality standards


Preliminary Program

Aviadvigatel, Russian Federation
Inspection along the Turbine Airfoil Life Cycle

SRAM, USA / Taiwan
Function-Based Dimensioning using Optical Metrology

Škoda, Czech Republic
Automated Metrology from Pilot Measurement Cell to ATOS ScanBox

Fraunhofer IWU Dresden, Germany
New Approach for Measurement & Simulation in Sheet Metal Forming

Faurecia, Germany
Rollout and Standardization of Optical Metrology at Faurecia Interior Systems

Volkswagen, Germany
Developing Certification Procedures for Optical Full-Field Metrology

Kimura Chuzosho, Japan
Reverse Engineering in Iron Castings utilizing ATOS

Bundesfachschule Modell- und Formenbau, Germany
Further Education Using 3D Metrology at National Technical College for Mould and Die Making


This Year’s Main Topics: 3D Coordinate Measurement

Tolerance Management & Certification
3D CAD-based inspection today replaces 2D drawings, with a trend to include all tolerance information directly within the CAD model (FTA / PMI). The inspection language must be understandable for metrology experts but also for CAD engineers, tool & mold and manufacturing departments. GD&T / GPS fulfils this criteria and offers an economic quality control. Hardware certification is also in discussion, comparable with the established procedures for CMMs.

Global Supply Chain Management
OEMs and suppliers split design, development and production facilities over many countries and continents. Thus, organization of process and product quality must work across different nationalities today. The rollout of certified metrology systems and of parametric software enables traceable inspection results and help to sustain product quality within the global supply chain.

Automated Metrology
In response to shorter product life cycles and larger product variety, companies are opting for automated metrology. Inspection systems have to be certified and standardized. At the same time, companies require mobile systems that are adjustable to many different parts and movable to different production lines & plants for quality control.

Manufacturing Process Control & Life Cycle Control
3D metrology can be applied to far more than just to the inspection of final parts. Integrating optical measuring systems at the beginning of the process chain – for example during pattern control or die making – saves time and money within all further manufacturing stages. This shortens delivery times and reduces the number of rejected parts in the sheet metal industry and in casting processes, as well as in airfoil manufacturing for propulsion & power generation.

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