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Digitizing an American Legend: 1976 Ford Bronco with TRITOP and ATOS



Go back to the future with us as we digitize our CEO Rick White’s 1976 Ford Bronco using an innovative combination of an ATOS 5 blue light 3D scanner and TRITOP photogrammetry. Our engineers Shawn and Brett navigate you through the process of taking this classic rugged off-road beast into the digital world by collecting high-resolution 3D scan data so clear and crisp that you can see exactly how well the truck stood the test of time.

See how we use it's digital twin to reveal how tough this iconic American truck really is as we analyze how it survived the last 44 years.


To capture the raw power and pure ruggedness of the Ford Bronco, it only makes sense to use systems engineered for the most rigorous inspections, development, and production. In just over one-hour, our engineers digitize the entire outer body of the truck with the same 3D technology used by automotive OEMs, their suppliers, and race teams all around the world.

TRITOP photogrammetry creates a constellation of points that can be used together with ATOS for increased high-accuracy data collection, especially with large projects like cars or airplanes, or it can be used as a stand-alone method for quick point measurements. ATOS 5 3D scanner captures millions of points per scan, resulting in the capture of every intricate detail, including the Bronco logo on the side of the truck. This technology is used in many applications such as reverse engineering for reproducing aftermarket parts when a CAD model is not available, or for wind tunnel simulation using the STL file. For the automotive industry, these solutions are used to identify and calculate hemmed edges of doors, finding flush and gap, verifying the fit of parts for assembly, or identifying surface defects including dents, dings, scratches, or other issues.

For rigorous processes that require high-quality data, ATOS scanners are trusted for their unmatched accuracy. From downstream processes to clay models in design studios to tooling and mold validations all the way up to final product development, companies rely on these systems because they know they’ll produce the high quality, crisp, clean data they need to get the job done.

See this technology put to the test as we use data to show you that legends never die!


  • Demonstrations and explanations of TRITOP photogrammetry and ATOS 3D scanners
  • Learn what is triple scan technology and why it’s central to the most efficient 3D scanning solutions on the market
  • An insider’s look at the 3D scanning process, step-by-step from data acquisition to analysis
  • Learn the differences between photogrammetry and 3D scanning and how they work together to capture detailed, high-quality full-field data quickly
  • Understand why automotive OEMs rely on 3D scanners for quality control
  • Learn how to use ATOS Professional software to quantify defects down to chips in the paint
  • Discover what detailed, crisp, quality 3D scan data can reveal through various analysis, including:
    • Flush and gap analysis
    • Surface defects including dents, scratches, dings, and damage on the surface that wouldn’t otherwise be quantified
    • The value of the defect itself
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